2016 Reflections

I’m writing this post on December 31, 2016. I am reflecting on things that have happened throughout the year. I have had the worst and greatest year to date, but I will not focus on the negativity. This post will be about my accomplishments and the great things that have happened to me in 2016.

February 2016
In the past I have contemplated starting a blog, I decided to put my thoughts into action and created Tiffany Travels Blog. Many people always ask various questions about traveling the world. I thought it would be cool to tell my travel stories on my own social media platform. I am excited for my blog to grow in 2017.

March 2016

I am part of a Theatre company called Town Street Theatre, a premier African American company that recently celebrated a 20-year anniversary. I was in a production called in Response 2. The show was comprised of short plays, videos, movement, and poetry. It responded to systematic racism throughout American History.


It was very exciting because I had double roles as both an actress and author. I wrote a piece called “Insert the Bullets; Release the Safety”. The piece was originally written as a poem for a stop the gun violence rally in Watts, California. I submitted the piece to Towne Street Theatre and it evolved from a poem into a 7 character skit. The skit talked about how people use gun violence to solve problems often forgetting that they come from Africa where we were kings and queens and worked together to raise a village.


In addition, I played the role of Georgia Douglass (American poet and member of the Harlem Renaissance) in the Saturday Nighter’s, written by Madeline Puccioni.


I would like to thank my family, friends, students and colleagues for their generous support as I sold approximately 40 tickets to the production.

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May 2016

After teaching a college and career class, I realized that I wanted to teach at a Community College. I started the Community College Certificate program at Cal State Dominguez Hills Fall 2015 and began my internship at Compton Community College in Spring 2016, where I co-taught with Professor Phillips in her Black Psychology class. This was the best internship I have ever had. I enjoyed teaching a group of black and brown students about African American heritage. The classes were always thought provoking and our feedback yielded comments such as “this was the best class ever” and “we loved you as our teacher”. In May I received a Community College Teaching Certificate. I have not found a teaching job as of yet but keep me all in your prayers that I find as a Community College Professor.


August 2016

Although 80% of the world has a fear of public speaking, I love to speak in front of large crowds. When I was in High School, women prophesied that she could see me speaking in front of large crowds. At the time I didn’t pay her much attention, but now when I speak in front of crowds, I always remember what she told me. I was chosen to speak at a Ladies, Lipstick, and Luggage Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference was a women’s empowerment and travel symposium. The title of my session was Be Adventurous, Be bold, Be You: Discovery of self and new destinations around the world. The attendees learned the following: identified at least one positive body trait, learn about creative affirmations, and how to travel & be comfortable with they skin they are in.




I started a t-shirt line called Sweet Tiffy’s Inspirations. The line is comprised of various sectors of my life. The first collection is about traveling which is one of my passions. I was able to take one of the t-shirt designs to the Ladies, Lipstick and Luggage conference and sell them. I would like to thank those who supported me and bought a T-shirt. Although I didn’t make a huge profit on the shirts, I’m still excited to know that I had a thought and implemented an idea. Shout out to my cousin who helped me with graphic designs for the shirts.

Thanks for purchasing a T-shirt


Jacques (graphic designer)

I traveled to Nashville and Memphis Tennessee. I loved Memphis because it is rich in culture and history. I visited places such as the National Civil Rights Museum, Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum, Stax Museum and Earnest Withers Museum.

National Civil Rights Museum- Montgomery Bus Boycott
Lorraine Motel -Memphis, TN
John Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN
Opryland Hotel

October 2016
I auditioned and was cast as “Kim” in the Gospel stage play “Big Girls don’t Cry” by Big Mike. The play was about young women who refused to let significant others, friends or family mistreat them because of their size. I enjoyed this play because it allowed me to perform a hip-hop dance piece (Whats the big deal you may ask? I have 2 left feet and don’t know how to dance). In addition, I was super excited because I was able to make a small profit from performing (my past roles have been non-paying).

“Kim” and Bobby


Thanks for the support Abigail and Jeremy


Although I loved my previous job, it was time for me to exit stage left. I had been there 3 years and needed a change real quick and in a hurry. I was disappointed because I had been applying to various places and had not received any call backs. I prayed for over a year about new employment and I begin to declare that I was going to obtain a job before the new year. I received an email from my sorority Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. about a nonprofit organization that was hiring. I applied on Wednesday, interviewed on Friday and was offered the job on Monday! I was excited until I realized that I had to cancel my previous planned birthday trip that was paid for. I was super bummed and very upset but I decided to accept the job. Happy to report the job is going well.

November 2016
I turned a year older and I traveled to San Francisco for work. After work, I made it a point to tour the city and saw the Lion King Musical.


I also traveled to Mexico City. I researched places that I could travel to in under 4 hours from the USA, due to only being able to travel on the weekend. I’m so glad I visited Mexico City and would like to return during the summer.

Tenochtitlan Pyramids- Mexico City
Ranchos Las Casacadas
Horseback Riding with Calypso


One of my greatest accomplishment was increasing in areas of my spiritual life: Praying and reading my bible helped my faith to increase. Often times, when I don’t see things happening my faith, begins to dwindle! I have to remember faith is not seeing things but believing they will work out!

Looking back on all the things I’ve done, people I’ve meet, and places I’ve gone, I must say I’m BLESSED. In all things be thankful for the good, bad and ugly.

Gratitude Jar (write down good things that happen to you through out  the year and read them New Years Eve)

Happy New Year and May your 2017 be filled with family, friends, laughter, adventures and new goals accomplished. Cheers to the New Year!



  1. Holy Smokes! You had an amazing year! Congratulations on everything, including the new job and glad it’s going well. I have a fear of speaking publicly and admire that quality in people..author, actress..lecturer. Here’s to an even more exciting 2017.

  2. LOVE these reflections, also love the fact that you chose to highlight the positive instead of the negative. 2016 seemed to be a tough year for a lot of folks but I’m glad you had several wins for the year.

    • Thanks for reading. I know i was listening to other people talked about 2016 and i realized that I wasn’t the only one who had it rough, but its not good to dwell on the bad and therefore i had no choice to focus on all the great things that had occurred.

  3. I’m doing something wrong here cause your 2016 looked amazing! Congrats on accomplishing so much in so little time! You certainly didn’t waste time and you have the memories to prove it.

    • LOL, im pretty sure you are doing things right especially with your blog. Thank you so much, sometimes i think i take to many pics, but then I’m glad because every photo tells a story. Cheers to a wonderful 2017

  4. Looks like you had an awesome (and fashionable!) 2016. Here’s to more acting, teaching, and traveling in 2017!

    Have you looked into teaching online?

    • Thank you so much. I have not looked into online teaching but I will be applying for this program(its like an internship) that will hopefully allow for me to be hired soon after completing the program. Yes i plan to do more of these 3 things in 2017

  5. I have to remember faith is not seeing things but believing they will work out! Yes!!!!!! Your year looked like it was full of adventure and indo remember reading your post about visiting Tennessee. Keep your faith up and thumbs up to 2017!

  6. Look at all the 2016 wins you achieve! I see you traveled a lot and you might be confirming for me if I will be doing this travel bday trip there. Thanks for sharing and many blessings for you in 2017!

  7. Wow this is such a great idea to review your year. We sometimes forget all we’ve done until we sit down and write it out. You were a busy lady!!!

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