24 Hours in Cartagena, Colombia

I only had 24 hours left in Cartagena, Colombia and quite frankly just wanted to relax. I knew that I wanted to find a beach to lay on, needed a message to prepare for the real life that awaited me when I returned home, and it was imperative that I found authentic salsa music to soothe my soul. Come along for a ride, I want to show you how to unwind in one of the best cities in Colombia.

If you love the beach, make sure you go to Playa Blanca, Isla Baru Beach. Playa Blanca is known for its blue water, sunshine, and warm waters. I was pleasantly surprised to see a real-life shrimp in the water. It was in the ocean that it really sunk in that I was swimming in COLOMBIA. I prayed and thanked God for the opportunities he has given me in regards to traveling the world. After coming out the water, we had a quick lunch of fish, rice, plantains and a nice cold Coke to wash it down. If you have more time head over to Rosario Islands, the water is crystal clear and they have lovely resorts.


After coming from the beach, I wanted to walk around the old city. Its filled with stores, horse carriages, music, and restaurants. Make sure to take a photo with the palenqueras women walking around in the old city. It’s a great photo opp as they look beautiful in there colorful dresses.


Don’t forget to grab a snack from the street vendors. My favorite snack is called Buenelos. Buenelos is a ball of dough filled with cheese and fried to perfection.


I needed to rest after walking around in the scortching heat. I was on a quest to find a massage salon. I located a hotel and asked about there services. I wanted a hot stone massage but it was not available so I settled on the Chocolate massage. My massage was going great but I was a bit surprised when the masseuse Luisa climbed on my back during the session to massage my back. After my initial shock,
I relaxed and allowed her hands to work magic on my back.


Eat dinner at any of the restaurants in the old city. We went to Salou Cartagena de Indias. I had Coconut rice, salad, and beef. We were given birthday brownies and also ordered a sample dessert plate: Cake, chocolate fill empanadas, and a coconut bread.


If you love salsa music, I highly recommend Cafe Havana. It was a 10.00 cover charge but worth the price. I loved the atmosphere because it was live music and made me want to dance to the beat of the guitar, bongos and the soulful lead singer.


Lead Singer of the live band!

I didn’t have the opportunity to check out the Mud volcano but it looked so fun and I hear you skin is smooth afterwards.

How do you normally relax and enjoy the city? What would you do if you only have 24 hours in Cartagana, Colombia?



  1. I love that black suit. Your travel posts are so informative. I have to remember not to read your posts so early because the pictures of the sweets/desserts gets me every time. It’s such a beautiful place and rich in culture. And you saw real life shrimp just chilling in the water… How cool is that.

    • Thank you Sheena, I always look forward to your comments. LOL, I will have you hungry after reading because I always find the best food abroad. Yes it was super cool to see the shrimp because Ive only seen it on my plate before eating. LOL

  2. Wow! Thanks for including so many colorful photos. I love hearing about your travels. That salsa music in the video sounds awesome – almost like I was there. And that ruffled dress looks great on you.

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