4 Minneapolis Restaurants you must try

I wouldn’t call myself a foodie but I enjoy good food while I’m on vacation. I tried several different restaurants during my short stay in Minnesota. If you ever head to Minneapolis check out these eateries and let me know what you think of them.

  • Hazel Northeast is a great place for breakfast. It is a neighborhood cafe that serves American food. I ordered Pancakes with sprinkled sugar, sausage, scrambled eggs and hash brown with onions. Food was tasty and cheap.


  •  We arrived at Chino Latino during happy hour. I tried Korean fried chicken for the first time and it was delicious. It came with 3 pieces chicken (2 legs and a thigh), rice and black beans. img_4234 For dessert, I tried fried ice cream. It  consisted of several layers:  whip cream on the bottom, cup, fried ice cream inside topped with coconut inside of a tortilla cup. I wish I could say I fell in love with dessert but i didn’t like the texture or coconut. Don’t let my taste buds deter you from tasting because my friend enjoyed.


  • As I was heading to the airport, we decided to go by Matt’s Bar a burger joint located in South Minneapolis.  The bar is known for the famous Jucy Lucy. It is a Burger patty stuffed with melted cheese. If you love cheese, you will love the burger. I must warn you; an abundance of napkins are needed because the cheese squirts everywhere after biting into the burger. I must also caution you that the hot cheese may burn your tongue. I don’t have a picture of the burger because I was eating in the car and it was to messy to try and take a picture but we did manage to take a pic outside of the restaurant. img_4244
  • We went to a restaurant called Hell’s Kitchen located in downtown Minnesota. I thought the restaurant was apart of Gordon Ramsay TV show but after reading the menu I realized that restaurant was established long before the show. As I entered the restaurant, I noticed the decor was a little scary because it was meant to play off the name Hell’s Kitchen. The owners of the restaurant Mitch Omer, Cynthia Gerdes, and Steve Meyer stated “the name came about  because how they feel slaving in a hot kitchen”. Even though I now know the meaning, I certainly prayed after I left. LOL. I ordered a half rack of ribs which were pretty good. They have live entertainment on certain days and people often often go for breakfast or brunch. img_4171img_4165img_4164img_4236img_4237img_4150


  1. Matt’s is well know fo their Jucy Lucy and Hell’s kitchen gets a lot of visitors. I live here and haven’t been to any of these except Chino Latino.

    • I thought the Korean fried chicken would be like regular fried chicken but it had such good flavor I didn’t even need Barbecue sauce which I usually put on everything. LOL The texture on the fried ice cream threw me.

    • Yes I’m pretty sure there were lots of restaurants but these were the ones that I made it to in the short weekend I was there. But these are good places to start. The ribs and fries were pretty good.

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