6 Places I stayed in Colombia

People always want to know where I stayed while in Colombia. While I prefer not to change lodging accommodations, I stayed in 6 different types of locations throughout my 10-day trip. I stayed in hotels, boutique hotels, Airbnb’s and a hostel. Here is a list of the different places that I stayed.


About an hour and a half after arriving in Bogota, Colombia from America, I was sent an email stating that my Airbnb in Bogota was canceled.  I was super disappointed because the location was near tourist attractions such as the Museo del Oro aka Gold museum and Monserrate.

Gold Museum

The Airbnb host informed me that it was canceled because the previous guest complained that a flea bit him. Airbnb could not allow guest to stay in the home until the bug problem had been investigated. Although it was not the owner’s fault, I was highly upset.

Abitare 56

My Colombian buddy helped me find a small hotel online called Abitare 56 for $40 a night. I think it was a great place to sleep and shower, however, if you are looking something fancy, you may not enjoy this location.


Bogota 100

On my way back from Cartagena, I booked a one night stay at a hotel called Bogota 100. It was approximately 20-30 minutes from the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. I actually liked this hotel but I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy because I arrived at 10 pm due to a delayed flight and had to leave at 6 am to catch my flight to Panama.


Mini Fridge, Bathroom


Kolor Boutique Hotel


I stayed at Kolor Boutique Hotel. I arrived earlier than check-in time but as soon as a room became available they allowed me to check in. The staff was very helpful in helping me arrange taxis when needed and didn’t charge me a late fee when checking out past the check out time. I was supposed to stay here 4 nights but decided to cancel the other 3 days after reading negative reviews online. Several people reported they had items stolen from there room. I’m happy to report that my items were safe and my personal items were not taken from the room. They have free breakfast and the boutique is located near other restaurants. I would recommend the Kolor Boutique Hotel for people who are traveling to Medellin.

Emerald Room: Bed
Sitting Chair


Shower and Spa Tub


Poblado Apartment 

For the remainder of my stay, I stayed at an Airbnb near Poblado Park. Staying near Poblado Park was great because it was within walking distance to the metro station, the meetup spot to one of my excursions and close to popular restaurants via taxi or Uber.

I paid $21 a night and had a bathroom inside my room. Some people may be uncomfortable with the thought of sharing an apartment with random guest. You have a lock and key to your individual room, and a code to the front door is utilized for entry. Although it was a shared apartment, I didn’t feel like I was sharing because I literally only saw guests when I was leaving or coming inside the apartment. The kitchen and living room were shared spaces but I didn’t use any of the amenities.

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Bourbon St. Hostel 

I stayed at the Bourbon St. Hostel, it was great because it was located in the walled city. Steps away from the entry, I had access to shopping stores, restaurants, music, etc. I stayed in a 16 mixed dorm style bedroom.  I enjoyed the fact that each bed had a shade for privacy. Despite sharing the bathroom with lots of people I didn’t have to wait to use the bathrooms or shower. They also have a bar with live music and food upstairs. Hostel guest receives a  discount on certain food items on the menu.  I also like the fact that despite the bar being upstairs, the hostel was not noisy downstairs. The staff was great: answering all my questions and even hanging out with guest after work hours.

Bottom Bunkbed
Mixed Dorm
Pool Area
Bar, food and live music

I only encountered one issue after checking in (which was not exactly the hostel’s fault) I was informed by hostel staff that I was unable to shower due to water in the city being shut off for about 5-6 hours. If anybody has been to Cartagena, you know its hotter than fish grease and showers are very necessary. LOL Thank God, the water was turned back on around 7 pm that evening.

Casa Barbara

Casa Barbara was my favorite Airbnb, it was the most expensive place I stayed in during my entire trip at $52 a night. It was definitely worth the money I spent. I loved staying on the 17th floor because I had a great view from my hammock of the beach below. My room had the following amenities: pool, Jacuzzi, air conditioning and a fan (super important due to the heat and humidity) bathroom, access to washer and dryer (never wash when traveling but it was cool because I didn’t have to wash clothes when I came home), access to the kitchen (eggs, bread, fruit, milk, and cereal were provided. Highly recommended and would book this casa if I returned to Cartagena.


Kite Surfing
View from Hammock
Night time view of the beach
Eating breakfast on the balcony
Kitchen Area




Book with Recommendations about Cartagana

Lesson learned

Airbnb did not work out very well in the beginning of my vacation but in the end, it was the best accommodation. Sometimes you have to give things a second chance.
While I enjoyed seeing various parts of the city by moving from place to place, next time I will attempt to stay in one place per city because I dislike moving around luggage after I have settled in.

From the various locations, I stayed in, which one appealed to you the most?


    • Hey Barbara! Thank you so much for reading and responding! Yes you were my favorite casa and were an awesome host I look forward to seeing you in the future. Safe travels during on your next trip 🙂

  1. You certainly made the best of your situation. I’ve not had the Air BnB experience. The dorm style living was fascinating to read about. I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

  2. I can’t imagine doing that much moving from one venue to the next while traveling. I’m glad in the end everything turned out for the best. I’ve never stayed at an Airbnb but would like to try one here in the states. Thanks for sharing your trip!

    • Yes I definitely would not recommend that type of traveling, but everything worked out. I have a referral code, let me know if you ever need it before booking your first Airbnb. Thank you for reading.

  3. So, I would’ve freaked when they said your Airbnb has been cancelled. Glad you were able to find somewhere else to stay. I love boutique hotels. They are quiet and intimate. These places are awesome.

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