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Boston Public Library Statue

Traveling and exploring destinations is always on my mind. When my supervisor informed me that we were going to a conference in Boston, I began to get excited because I had never been to Massachusetts before. Who said business can’t be sprinkled with a little pleasure?

Trinity Church- An Episcopal Parish


I wanted to explore Bostons nightlife and get to know my fellow colleague attendees. During the first night I met up with several conference mates and we went to Slade’s Bar and Grill located in Roxbury Crossing, MA. The soul food was delicious and inexpensive. I ordered chicken wings, macaroni & cheese, red beans & rice and banana pudding (dessert was on the house) for only $10. The comedians were funny and kept the audience laughing throughout the evening. The funniest thing happened, after the comedy finished performing the host asked, “If anybody wanted to come up for prayer”? After the prayer was finished, the event space was turned into a dancing club. I had never seen that happened before in a club.




Slade’s Bar & Grill 

Due to the seminars starting late on the second day, I booked a morning Boston Duck Tour for 39.50 per ticket. The price of the ticket includes a discount savings book for attractions in the city. This amphibious vehicle was used in WWII to ship items from land to sea. This tour was really cool because the transportation is a boat on the water and a bus on land. During the tour, you will see over 30 various landmarks in the city and take a splash in the Charles River with a view of Boston.


Charles River


During the evening, I met up with a young lady from my travel group called Nomadness Tribe. I informed her that I enjoyed Mexican food and she recommended dinner at Lolita Cocina Tequila & Bar. Don’t be alarmed by dark decor with red lighting. It is a small location with an intimate setting. I loved this place because they gave you several freebies with your meal. We had fresh chips and 3 different types of salsa, flavored liquid nitrogen type ice to cleanse your mouth, cotton candy, and temporary tattoos. I ordered a variety tacos plate which included, chicken, fish, and Asada.


On day three, I did a free walking tour on the Black Heritage Trail conducted by the ranger of the National Park Service Boston African American National Historic Site (BOAF). Many freed African Americans in Boston fought to end slavery. During the tour, you will learn about how they established churches, schools, and Underground Railroad sites. The tour begins at the 54th Massachusetts Regiment Memorial and ends at nation’s first African Meeting House. I recommend this tour as is informative and I learned about a history that is not often not spoken about.


Do you remember learning about the Boston Tea Party in History Class? I knew that I had to visit the Boston Tea Party: A Revolutionary Experience museum. I was super excited to go to this museum because it was interactive. Upon arrival, I was escorted to the meeting room to participate in a colonial town meeting and given a card with a person name that was aboard the ship during that time. You are allowed to explore a replica of the boat and throw tea overboard where tea was thrown 240 years ago. You will explore the cabin quarters, captain’s cabin and cargo hold. Next, you will have a 3D experience which discusses the aftermath of the tea party between the loyalist and the patriots. At the end of the tour, you can purchase tea and scones. Unfortunately, it was closed for a special and I was unable to taste any treats from Abigail’s Tea Room.












I love going on trips because I tend to walk more than I would at home. I down on a Fit bit but I am positive I exceeded the daily amount of steps needed for adequate exercise. Make sure you bring walking shoes while exploring the streets of Boston. Remember a work trip doesn’t have to be all work and no fun.

In my next blog post, I will tell you how I spent my weekend on Martha’s Vineyard.


  1. Thank you for giving me a tour of Boston through your eyes. It looks like there’s lots of fun to be had. I’ve always wanted to visit the Sam Adams brewery and do a duck tour.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston!! Looks like you had a great time!! Definitely on my list of places to visit.

  3. I love how you solo travel and you are not waiting on anyone to go with you. I haven’t been to Boston in years.

  4. I see someone found some good soul food in Boston. Just found your site and will be hanging out here. Love it !!!

    • Hi Deb, curious to know how i you found the site, was it through the internet or Facebook. I’m so glad you found the site, I love new followers and hope you are finding useful information. The soul food was so good and cheap, would def go back when i visit Boston.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this post! I was recently in Boston and didn’t get to do much exploring. The traffic was awful, so I just went to other surrounding cities. I’ll be back in a few weeks and the duck tour sounds cool. Would u recommend it? Was it a bunch of bad, crying kids on it? :/

    • My hotel was in a great location and I actually walked to the sites that I visited. Thankfully I didn’t have to experience the bad traffic as I already deal with it back home in Los Angeles. Yes I recommend the duck tour it’s a great way to see the city and learn history. No it may have been maybe 2-3 kids and I heard no crying or misbehaving children. Hope you enjoy and get to do more sightseeing this time around.

  6. This was a two for one…business and pleasure. Boston is such a beautiful city. I love how detailed you are with adventures and prices. My favorite part of this post was the tea party experience. You will walk a ton on vacation lol.

  7. I’m a huge fan of mixing business with pleasure. Any time I’m awarded the opportunity to travel for work I love being able to get out and explore the surrounding area as much as possible…especially if it’s a place I’ve never traveled to.

  8. We are studying American History this year with my daughters. About 2 weeks ago we covered the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. I’d love to give my daughters a tour of Boston so they can experience first-hand for themselves.

  9. Looks like you had a great time, Boston has never been on my list to travel to but maybe I’ll pass through one day. I’m such a big kid, I would’ve love throwing tea overboard.

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