Cartegena, Colombia Girls Trip

Cartagena, Colombia and Pineapples

Bolero statue inside the walled city of Cartagena

In 2017, I went on my first solo international trip to Colombia and fell in love with the country. I am super excited to announce the first trip of 2020. I will be headed to Cartegena, Colombia and I would like to bring new friends along with me.

Who is this trip for? This trip is for my sisters who want to create a bond with other women who have a love for traveling.


Cartagena Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival

Guest will arrive in Cartagena at Rafael Nunez Airport

You have safely arrived in Colombia.  Come dressed in your best as we enjoy a welcome dinner that will include orientation and entertainment.

Day 2- Walled City

We will take a historic tour around the Walled City, followed by a graffiti tour.

3 Palenque women art in the city

Day 3- Rosario Island

Get ready to have some fun in the sun. We will head on a boat to the island of Isla Del Rosario Tour. Enjoy the day as you dip your feet in the waves and sand.


Day 4- Palenque

Our day trip will take us to the city of San Basilio de Palenque. In Palenque, we will learn about the first freed slaves in the Americas.

I love being black in Palenque

Day 5- Real Cartagena

The Real Cartagena tour will allow us to see more of the city and taste delicious Colombian food.  In the afternoon we will volunteer at the children’s center.

View of City in Categena Colombia

Day 6- Mud Volcano

Relax in the mud volcano. It is known for its healing properties.

Evening time will be spent on the Chivas bus partying around town.

Day 7

You have now have formed friendships for a lifetime but unfortunately, it is time to depart from Cartagena, Colombia.

Palenque Women with fruit basket

**Itinerary is subject to change**

Increasing Your Confidence:

In addition, to enjoying the sights of Cartagena, you will have the opportunity to do self-healing. We will be incorporating the “Increase your confidence” course throughout the trip as we complete group discussions and interactive group activities.

**Itinerary is subject to change**

Date of Trip

If you are interested in going to Cartegena, we will be going on June 8, 2020 -June 14, 2020


The price is $1300 and is based on double occupancy. Price includes accommodation, transportation, excursions, and some meals.

Things not included:

Flights– You can use websites such as Priceline, Google flights, Sky Scanner, and Hopper.  Also, sign up for Air Affordable a black-owned company that purchases your flight and allows you to make payments until your flight is paid for.

Travel Insurance– You can purchase insurance from anywhere but I suggest Allianz, World Nomads, etc

Spending money- for additional activities not included in the itinerary

Tips and Gratuities 

Private Facebook Group

Once you have paid your non-refundable deposit of $150 you will be invited to the private facebook where we will discuss all things related to Cartegena and the trip.



  1. Cartagena is definitely on my bucket list. I thought of doing a solo trip internationally but half of me is nervous and the other half is like just do it. I’d love to hear tips you have for people planning their first solo international trip.

  2. You look like you had an incredible time! I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice though! I was just on a girls retreat in Tulum, Mexico last month and now I’m wishing I was back there eating good and soaking up the sun lol. Thank you for sharing!

  3. It sounds lovely hun. I wish, I could afford togo. I recently lost my baby sis and it’s just plus size me, lol. No kids and an mental abusive divorce that left me mentally crippled almost 6 years. My last 3 years have been rebuilding my life and mental. I’m in a much better place. It’s nice to see you teach English when on your trips, too. I tutor dyslexic kids as a volunteer beung so myself, I advocate for me and those like me. Marketing is my medicine. How do you get to travel like you do? Is it your job? I’ve always regretted my cancellation of my senior year at NC STATE not traveling abroad bc I had to stay home and watch what cheating husband. I should have gone anyways, lmbo. It’s hindered my Spanish ever since. I love your boldness beautiful spirit Lady. I’m 51 and soon to be 52 in January. I follow you on the Gram. I love your page and adventures. Take care.

    • Hello Angela. How are you? I’m so 😢sorry for the lost of your sister. I’m so happy that you decided to leave that mentally depressing abusive relationship. I’m happy that you have decided to rebuild and heal yourself. I love volunteering and hope to do more in the future. The great thing as long as your leaving your never to old to travel abroad despite not doing it in college. You can always learn Spanish as well. Thank you so much for following me on IG, glad you enjoy 😉 my traveling adventures. I’m hoping my boldness will help others become bold and pursue there passions

  4. I would love to join this trip, but I can’t make these dates. I hope to see more of these trips in the future. I appreciate and admire what you are doing.

  5. Whats deadline to get back to you? I am coming but want to get a friend of mine as well. So need a couple of days.

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