Making Lemonade out of Lemons in Trinidad, Cuba

September 13, 2017 [email protected] 26

Traveling is great but sometimes your travel plans don’t go as expected. Before each trip, I do extensive research and I confirm reservations and even that does not guarantee that things will go as planned. Whats a girl to do? My only option was to make lemonade from sour lemons. Come along with me as I tell you about my journey to Trinidad, Cuba.

Hanging with the locals in Cuba

August 24, 2017 [email protected] 30

When visiting other countries, I prefer to see the culture and hang out with the locals. They often know the best places to eat, things to do and it allows you to learn more about the place you are visiting from there perspective. I planned tours and activities but the greatest time spent in Cuba was spending time with Cubans.

Persistent in Vinales, Cuba

August 15, 2017 [email protected] 20

Traveling teaches you many lessons and can be applied to everyday life. The lesson I learned from Vinales is to be persistent about things that you want. Often times we get discouraged because the first several times we are knocked down by various life circumstances or people. Yet I think about a boxer who continues to stand up until the fight is finished. Remember delay does not mean denial.