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I’m excited that I was able to talk with Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Olivia Lovingood. They have been married for several years and have 2 beautiful children Giselle and Zachary.  Let’s see how these two love birds found each other through online dating.


Tiffany: How did you all meet each other?

Daryl: In 2008, we met on Myspace through a mutual friend. After chatting online for several months, we finally agreed to meet up with each other. On our first date, we went to Starbucks and Target.  It was simple yet very magical.

Tiffany: First thing that came to mind when I learned that you all met on Myspace was the song “Computer Love” by Zapp featuring Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson. I know I’m not the only who remembers that song. It was the last song they played in the club before the lights came on. LOL I digress, back to our interview.


Tiffany: How do you all balance life as a married couple and parents of two small children?

Olivia: At times, balancing life is extremely difficult. I’m pretty much in charge of how things flow throughout the day. Having the pressure on my shoulders of maintaining a household can be rocky at times. If I’m off everything is off.

Daryl: I feel the pressure as well. Its hard work, after going to my job, I feel exhausted but I still have to muster up enough energy to keep up with the children once I get home.


Tiffany: As Christians and believers of God what does the scripture Ephesians 5: 22-23. “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior”. If you submit what does that mean in your relationship?

Olivia: Daryl says he is still waiting for me to become submissive. I laugh at him but I think to myself, “what does it really mean to be submissive”? I struggle with being submissive because I feel that I would be giving up my personality. In addition, I want to always make sure that I am being heard.  I’m a work in progress. LOL

Daryl:  Pray for her Y’all.


Tiffany: As a younger couple, do you have traditional roles? What do your roles look like in your household?

Olivia: Prior to becoming married, we discussed what roles we would play and what works for best for us. I found myself becoming like my mother and there were things I needed to adjust to make sure I wasn’t taking too much credit from him.

Daryl: We are a team and pretty much work equally within the home. We also play off each other’s skill set. My wife is great with the finances and worries about the bills. I, of course, handle the heavy lifting. LOL


Tiffany: Regarding finances do you all believe that his money is your money and vice versa? Are separate accounts necessary?

Olivia: Finances is one of those things we talked about before getting married. We agreed that we would not withhold money from each other. I’ve heard from other wives that their husband has his own account and that doesn’t sit well with me. LOL.  In my opinion, that’s just crazy.

Daryl: I’m starting a secret stash! LOL


Tiffany: How important is intimacy in a marriage? 

Daryl: I believe it is essential in a healthy marriage. Intimacy is the gateway to the soul and connects us physically and emotionally. You can easily feel the difference in the relationship when intimacy is lacking.

Olivia: HA! If I had, to be honest, I could work on this. The days get very long and busy. If I am not paying attention, time will pass before becoming intimate. Like Daryl said,” you definitely know when it’s lacking” and with that being said, “It’s VERY IMPORTANT”. LOL


Tiffany: What has been your favorite travel destination and why? Is traveling important to you?

Olivia: Hands down, I would say, “Denver, Colorado”. It wasn’t even our destination but was trapped there for a day with a new baby and toddler.  We truly worked together as a team and everything was beautiful.

Daryl: We love to travel. So far Puerto Rico has been my favorite trip but we have a long list of trips to come.

Daddy and Daughter Tea

Tiffany: Tell me one thing you love about your marriage.

Olivia: One thing that I feel that we do well is, we have really good communication skills. He understands me and I understand him.  We are able to hear each other and quickly get over our differences.

 Daryl: We have fun together. There is never a dull moment when we are together. It’s easy to find the fun in any situation.


Tiffany: What do you wish someone had told you before you got married?

Olivia: I wish someone would have told me that being married and maintaining a marriage will be the hardest thing you will ever do. Marriage has so many different outlets, sometimes you just can’t keep up. You have to consider things such as jobs, living locations, and FAMILY. It’s hard because all these things matter but finding balance is key. Honestly, we have not quite grasped this just yet.

Daryl: I wish someone would have talked to me about how to govern my home. How to be the spiritual leader of my home and lead my family? As the man of the house, God holds me accountable to each member of my family and I am learning that if I am not doing what is required then there will be chaos in the home.

Bachelors from University of Phoenix! “My Husband is a College Graduate”

I believe topics such as finances, children, sex, roles, religion etc. should be discussed prior to walking down the aisle. What are some things that should be discussed prior to tying the knot?


  1. My favorite part were their responses to what they wish they learned about marriage. Continuous blessings to the happy couple!

  2. Great Article! When I read the title I immediately started singing Computer Love too! LOL!! Love how they showed transition from their earlier years to now

  3. They are truly a beautiful couple. I relate to Olivia with the idea of being submissive. I honestly don’t like the idea of being submissive. Like her, I feel like being submissive can make you lose your own personality. However, I won’t knock whoever it does work for.

    • I struggle with this as well. I think you can submit without losing your personality but I think it depend on your husband as the leader. You can be submissive and still live out your dreams. It comes down to a passionate and fair partner/leader.

  4. Beautiful family! It’s refreshing to see. I also loved the interview. Looking at the photos one would think it’s an easy thing to do but as she said marriage takes work it’s not easy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful photos and great interview. I loved the topics they covered also. Finances and learning about each other is important in relationships.

  6. What a beautiful couple. It’s nice to see folks who have a handle on how to do marriage right. Looking at their answers I can see they really work on their relationship and consider what’s important.

  7. I love that your showcasing positive, strong and healthy marriages that are founded on God (love)- this is so refreshing to see in a world where relationships just don’t seem to work anymore! And with regards to being submissive, we’re all struggling lol! Thanks for sharing!

    • That was my goal to show case positive marriages. Often times we are discussed as only being single parent homes or that we are not getting or staying married. I want to break those stereotypes. Being SUBMISSIVE is definitely a struggle but anything that makes you uncomfortable but good for you can be hard, but Thank God for him who can help you do all things. Thanks for reading!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful couple. They look like they really love each other. I guess you can find happiness on online!

  9. They really took it back with myspace. It shows that true love even outlasts social media platforms haha. Jokes aside, they have a beautiful family and I pray they continue to grow together and love each other for several more years.

  10. Thank you all for the lovely comments I enjoyed reading them. Me and my wife will be celebrating 7 years of marriage Dec. 30th and we are still going strong. Love is possible and is for everyone, you just have to be willing to work for it. The only perfect Love is God’s Love.
    Stay Blessed

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