Family Time in Arizona

During Presidents weekend, I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my Uncle and his family. My mother and I did not want to drive so we booked a round trip ticket on Greyhound for $65. The bus ride took a little longer than usual because we made several stops in Riverside, San Bernardino, Blythe, and lastly Phoenix. While in Blythe at a rest stop, I asked the driver, “What time should we be back on the bus”? He replied, “12:45”. At 12:35 my mom called and said, “the bus is pulling off”. Have you ever had to run somewhere like your life depended on it? I had to run like Forrest Gump from Burger King to ensure that I was not left in the middle of the desert. Happy to say I made it onto the bus before it left me.

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On Saturday evening we went out to eat. I have always talked about flying to Chicago for Deep Dish Pizza. My Aunt who is originally from Chicago told me that they recently built Giordano’s in Pretoria, Arizona. Giordano’s is a restaurant from Chicago who specializes in deep dish pizza. Despite the rain, the restaurant was crowded and we waited for an hour to be seated. After placing our order, the pizza took 45 min to cook, but I now understand why? The pizza is literally several layers deep. It was so thick, I could only eat 2 slices. I’m always trying to save money, so I searched the internet for coupons. I signed up for G-Club so that I could get a free appetizer. Shout out to the manager on duty who allowed me to get a free appetizer because my coupon had not appeared in my email before finishing my meal. I love great customer service and would recommend this restaurant.

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Sunday Morning was spent at Holy Temple Church of God in Christ. I enjoyed worship service and happened to come on Senior Sunday. They honored the seniors at the church by giving them vases filled with candy and restaurant gift cards. In addition, they played a video compiled of old songs and images spanning from the 1930’s -2000’s. The video showcased early fashion styles, hairstyles, vehicles and the price of how much items cost. It was nice because it allowed the seniors to go down memory lane and showed the younger generation how things were back in the day.

After church, we went to the Phoenix Premium Outlets. I did not really want to go but my mother wanted to shop for a leather purse. Who doesn’t love to shop? Me! I normally shop before I go on a trip because some stores don’t carry plus size clothing. Surprisingly, the premium outlets did have plus size stores such as Old Navy, Torrid and Lane Bryant. Although I did not but anything I enjoyed window shopping.

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We decided to have family night at the bowling alley. We had a blast playing ice hockey, basketball, and Pac-man. After playing and eating we started our bowling game. We had a great time bowling but I must admit some of us need more practice on the bowling lanes. We cheered when we got a strike, high-fived when we received a spare and shed small tears when we had gutter balls. Bowling is family friendly and it’s great for everyone.

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Family time is very important but if you live in different states it is hard to spend time with each other. I didn’t really do any exciting excursions this trip but I enjoyed family time and those are the greatest moments. I plan to come back to Arizona to visit places such as the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Antelope Valley during my next trip.


  1. Family is so important I think sometimes in our “on the go” society we loose sight of that. But I see you have highlighted how great and important it really is!

  2. Family time is definitely important, growing up my mom always made sure we knew the importance and value of spending quality time with family ,great memories are made that we can cherish and will stay with us and the young ones even after we are no longer here.

  3. I really like how you have updated your blog. It much more colorful and whimsical. BTW, some of your pictures need to be rotated, but I loved seeing your family memories.

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