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I love celebrating my birthday. I was born on November 6th, which happened to fall on Election Day in the USA this year. This was special to me because I exercised my right to vote which is the best present I could have ever given myself.

No fancy trip to Dubai but a Cruise in Marina Del Ray to celebrate my birthday 


Normally, I would have an epic birthday party or travel the world to an exotic destination. Unfortunately, I did not go to Dubai as planned or have a birthday bash. Instead, I decided to see how many birthday freebies I could find from participating establishments such as restaurants and stores.

AMC Movie Theatres– If you sign up for the rewards program you can purchase a movie ticket for only $5 on Tuesday and receive a large popcorn for your birthday. I love popcorn but kernels always get stuck in my teeth. Needless to say, I’m swearing off regular popcorn and will only be eating puff corn. LOL



Au Bon Pain– Offers one free cup of coffee and a pastry. Unfortunately, I did not redeem my coupons because the locations are far from my home. Maybe next year, I will take the scenic route to Au Bon Pain because I enjoy eating pastries.

Baskin Robbins– Offers one free scoop of ice cream. My favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream, what is yours?


Chilli’s- Offers a complimentary dessert. I ordered a baked chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. It was so delicious it practically melted in my mouth.


Denny’s– You must go on the day of your birthday and show your identification to receive your free Grandslam. I started my birthday at Denny’s and ordered pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns.


El Pollo Inka– I love this Peruvian restaurant. They offer a free meal and drink for both your birthday and anniversary. As an appetizer, they serve chicken and rice soup with a bread roll.   I always order the Lomo Saltado which beef, rice, fries, tomatoes, and onions.  If you like Karaoke or salsa dancing visit on Thursday or Saturday nights. Be sure to print out the email, they do not accept phone coupons.


El Pollo Loco -provides a 2-piece Chicken meal or Tostada Salad. I ordered a Chicken Tostada salad that included chicken, rice, beans, lettuce, and pico de gallo.

D92E55C0-CAB3-4A6E-8091-66B43DC68DD8Fuddruckers -offers a free drink and fries with the purchase of a hamburger. It is not exactly a freebie but can be seen as a discount to a meal.


Habit Burger -supplies a free hamburger and fries. It was my first time going and I would return to eat again. The great thing about this restaurant is you can utilize the drive-thru or dine inside.


IHOP– I did not make it here but you receive a full stack of pancakes. So thankful they stuck with there famous pancakes instead of trying to have the best hamburgers as previously stated (IHOB)

Jersey Mike’s is a subway shop that serves both cold and hot sandwiches. I love this freebie the most because you have a whole year to claim a sub sandwich and a drink. I ordered a Philly sub with extra cheese and chipotle mayo on Rosemary and Parmesan bread. In addition, they had the most pleasant customer service and I will definitely be returning for more sandwiches.


Krispy Kreme– provides a free donut and coffee for your birthday and a free donut when you sign up for the rewards program.

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar– I enjoy the cozy atmosphere, they have great food and dessert. Sign up to receive your complimentary birthday dessert. I chose the butter cake topped with strawberry compote and vanilla ice cream.


Mimi’s Cafe– Offers a free berry muffin sundae. Unfortunately, I did not make it here but maybe next year. I highly recommend this restaurant for breakfast and cinnamon spice muffins and warm butter.

Nothing but Bundt Cakes– I absolutely loved the tiny bakery as it felt warm and decorated with love. You receive a small bundt cake of your choice. I chose the lemon cake with vanilla frosting. The things I enjoyed most was the customer service and the moistness of the cake.


Olive Garden– Offers complimentary dessert. The coupon had expired but the manager still allowed me to redeem the coupon. I chose the tiramisu but was not a fan because it tasted like coffee. When I go next year I would try the cheesecake or beignets.


Red Robin’s– is known for there delicious hamburgers. You can order a complimentary burger and fries for your birthday.  I had a bacon cheeseburger fries and a side of chili.


Shakey’s– You have to purchase a drink in order to receive a free lunch buffet. The buffet serves a variety of food including pizza, chicken, salad, rice, vegetables, mashed potatoes, spaghetti. I chose pizza, chicken, and mojo potatoes. It wasn’t exactly free but I only paid $3 for an entire meal and beverage.


Sizzlers– Join the Real E Deal to receive a free classic burger and fries.


Sprinkles– offers a free cupcake. I did not redeem the offer as the locations are a bit far from me.

The Pann– I went here for breakfast and asked if they celebrated birthdays. I received a birthday song and a free fruit crepe.


Yogurtland– Offers a free 3 oz dessert but since that’s really small, you will pay more. Think of it as getting a discount (approximately $1.50 )off your frozen yogurt cup.


Wingstop-Who doesn’t love wings?  For your birthday you will receive a large fry. My coupon expired but when I talked to the manager she allowed me to upgrade my fries order and gave me a side of corn on the cob dipped in spices.


Non Food items

Sephora Makeup– A small free gift.  If you can’t physically go to the store, have someone pick up your gift. My mother was able to get my free birthday gift for me.


Torrid-Recieve a $10 coupon gift for your birthday and member anniversary. I used my coupon to purchase knee-high boots on Cyber Monday.


  • Preferably, sign up at least two months in advance. Some of the birthday awards do not take effect immediately the day you sign up. Don’t fret if you forget to sign up early, birthday rewards will still be available for most places.
  • Make sure you know when the coupon expires. Certain items have to be redeemed on your birthday. While other places expire with 2 weeks, a month or a year.
  • Read the fine print because some of the coupons require you to purchase an additional item on the menu.
  • I caution you to pace your meals and incorporate exercise as you will consume delicious food and desserts.
  • Ask various restaurants if they offer a complimentary dessert or entree for birthdays?E19BF16A-9AF1-4B70-BE1D-BC8562B23FFF

I had fun finding sweet and savory treats.  I can’t wait until next year to add more places to the birthday freebie list.  Check out a more comprehensive list of other birthday freebies. What free items have you received for your special day?


  1. So I feel like I’ve missed out. After reading this post I’m definitely about to sign up for everything lol. By the way you were wearing the heck out of that red dress!!! 😍😍😍

  2. It looks like you definitely ate good for your birthday lol If I wasn’t going to be out of town on my birthday next year, I’d steal your idea to see how many freebies I could get. Happy belated birthday!!

  3. Girl! You have really been living it up and giving life your best. Keep traveling and having fun. Thanks for sharing those birthday benefits.

  4. That peruvian meal and that chocolate chip cookie sundae both look and sound sooo good! I usually try to get a free dessert or two from where ever I go out for my bday. And I always redeem my Sephora free gift.

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