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Who is Felicia? Have you seen Friday the movie? There is a scene in the movie where Felicia asked Smokey to borrow his car. He replies “Hell No” and “Bye Felicia”. I am changing my name to Felicia because she is always on the go.


When talking about Africa be specific! Did you know that there are 54 countries in Africa? I’ve only been to Ghana, Burkano Faso, and South Africa. 3/54, I have a lot of catching up to do. I have a trip planned to Tanzania around Thanksgiving break.


I walk out of work like I’m a boss on every single vacation. It allows me to escape from work if only for a little while.

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I thought this meme was funny because If you know anything about a black mother or grandmother and you said something they did not like they would certainly knock you into next week.


This is me. I’m usually frazzled when arriving at the airport because I do everything last minute which results in me arriving at the airport close to boarding time.


You can’t put a price tag on happiness. Buying a plane ticket makes me happy and puts a smile on my face.


You can be African but you can not speak African. African is not a language. Each country in Africa has several languages. There are over 2000 languages spoken in Africa.


I feel like you can travel and have kids but since I don’t have any children my time is spent worrying about my next destination.

13406809_10153531786731231_2505500000722713160_nPeople get really irritated when other people clap. Slowly raises a hand because I am clapper. I clap because I’m grateful the pilot landed safely and we arrived in one piece. So, yes I would be happy to fall in love with someone who claps. We can clap, high five, and bump chest together.


Back in the day, I heard it was normal to receive meals. When airlines are trying to cost, the food was one of the first things to go. American airlines don’t serve food while traveling through the states. While flying in Thailand for short flights we received food/snacks.



I’m not sure why people are so scared of Hostels. I think the fact that they have a movie about people dying in Hostels does not heap ease people minds. I’m here to tell you I’ve stayed in numerous hostels and I’m still alive. Try staying in a hostel at least once. The lease you will gain is extra money in your pocket for an excursion.


I arrived at the greyhound bus station at 5:30 am. The majority of the bus was fast asleep except for 2 children who were wide awake. These 2 little rugrats talked and played the entire trip. I woke up to the noise and looked up to see if the parents were going to tell them to be quiet. Unfortunately, the parents were fast asleep. Eventually, they quieted down towards the end of the ride.


I’m usually the activity planner and I want to maximize my time wisely. I figure I can sleep when I’m home or sleeping in my grave. For now, I am determined to see as much as I can while on vacation. Who knows when I will return to any particular destination?


Always me. When I’m packing it in the suit case its so nice and tidy. Coming back the items just don’t fit as nicely and I’ve usually accumulated souvenirs on the way.


Due to sometimes having financial difficulties, traveling may not always be possible. We should be able to appreciate what we have in our backyard. There are lovely places in California that I have never traveled too and must explore. When my money is funny, I will be exploring the gems that California has to offer.


This pie graph is an actual representation of what occurs at the airport. My line is always slower than the other lines, I’m trying to drink my water so it doesn’t go to waste and because it is expensive to purchase at the airport. (Why can’t I travel with water?) I have not been stopped for a penny in my pocket but I have been searched because of a wire bra.


I have never been into recreation drugs or alcohol. Traveling is my drug of choice. It is great because I get the feeling of being high without hallucination only dreams of my next travel plans. I also don’t experience hangovers with my head in a toilet, I only throw up from occasional diarrhea from food or fruit poisoning. LOL well, I guess there are some similarities but you get my drift.


If I were a full-time blogger earning $80,000 a year my life would be fascinating. I am a new blogger earning less than $200 a year; life is not all that fascinating. Well, maybe just a tiny bit.


You would think my mom would be used to me taking trips but I she still has not accepted my adventurous spirit. Even though I am over 30 years old, she wants to know what airline I’m flying, emergency contacts of everybody I will spend my time with and a detailed description of my daily activities.


Why do people lie to me? They always want travel details like they are going to travel with me.


Sounds familiar, why people want to waste my time, I’m perfectly fine going by myself.


In Thailand, I had planned on eating authentic Thai food after seeing a show. Unfortunately, my cab driver scammed me and never took me to see the show or eat food. After returning back to my hotel I was hungry. The closest food restaurant was McDonald’s. I ate chicken wings and fries. Normally, I would not want to eat McDonald’s but I do enjoy comparing McDonald’s in America vs. McDonald’s abroad.


My favorite seat is the window seat. I try not to get up but sometimes you can’t help it when you have to use the bathroom.

ctch How about I’ve caught flights and feeling. People act like it is impossible to do both. Sometimes I’m in my feelings and need to catch a flight to gather my thoughts. LOL



I am such a procrastinator when it comes to packing. I’m usually still washing clothes the day I fly and then I have to hurry and pack and hope my luggage is not overweight. I’m so tired when I get back, I don’t unpack until the next trip.



  1. This post is hilarious! I absolutely loved the one about the clapping at landing. I remember when I learned that everyone doesn’t do that. My mind was blown!

  2. OMG, Tiffany!These memes are hilarious — especially the one about Felicia and the one with the Cat…hahaha. I giggled at nearly every one. Keep globe trotting, sis…safe travels.

    • Hey Michelle, glad I could make you giggle while reading. Yes the one the cat, I think my mom gets nervous and her blood pressure goes up slightly every single time I tell her I book a plane ticket. lol

  3. So many relatable travel memes I love them all! I think the lying about traveling is #1 and then my mom always look at me crazy when I book a trip…I think people really think one big trip is enough and when you take more they look at you crazy.

    Also yeah me traveling with no kids yup enjoying it!

  4. LMBO! These are hilarious. The one about Africa is perfect. It really annoys me that people consider Africa a country and not a continent. Crazy!

  5. Chile if this isn’t my LIFE. Especially the “I’m gonna travel with you” lol. It’s all good though. The hostel one had me hollering, even though they really aren’t bad at all and I love staying in them.

    • I shouldn’t have posted that meme, now people are going to be even more scared to stay in a hostel. I love hostels as well, Im always trying to save some coins. Speaking of group travel, how was your recent girls trip?

  6. I love the memes, can relate! But it’s not only the plane tickets that will cost you, and sometimes the total travel cost is way more than your budget…

  7. Lol, yes the #bloglife is something.

    Who else unpacks everything from their suitcase the next day? No way those clothes are just sitting there for weeks or months. That stuff needs to go into the laundry! 🙂

    • LOl, I’m so guilty (slowly raises hand) sometimes I unpack rather quickly and other times it can sit there for a while until i decide to pack and do laundry. #Bloglife is really something else

  8. I don’t travel as often as I’d like, but when I do I’m the last meme. My suitcase just sits until I get around to it weeks or months later lol.

  9. these memes are HILARIOUS!!!!!! I am the one that wakes my boyfriend up for activities early in the morning. I can sleep on the plane when I am heading back home. I never travel with friends though because they will promise to travel with you and drop out last minute.

    • Yes I have people who say they want to travel with me all the time. Key word say, that are all talk and no action. I agree, I can sleep at another time, but right now we have to see as much as we can. Does your boyfriend put his head over his pillow and yell, “I just want to sleep” or does he just go along with you?

  10. I loved the memes and have seen several of them before. Thanks for the good laugh this evening. I needed it.

  11. I can’t stop laughing, this post is hilarious. But a good travel arrangement can make or break your trip.

  12. I’m dying laughting, I’ve seen some of these and I laugh every time. I agree about buying a plane ticket and that’s the same thing… I’m long overdue… lol…. Thanks for sharing!

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