He Slid into my DM’s: Love Abroad in Ghana

Carlyn and Kindra

Carlyn and Kindra 

Tiffany: What inspired you to visit the motherland, Africa?

Kindra: I went to a party a couple of years ago and met the actor Malik Yoba. We were talking about traveling and he encouraged me to visit places where I can learn more about my heritage and roots. He suggested that I travel to the Carribean Islands and countries in Africa. In 2018, I went to Ghana and had so much fun.

Carlyn and Kindra dressed in African attire

Jollof Rice + Instagram = A Love Story

Tiffany: Jollof Rice is my favorite food to eat in Ghana. Do you like Jollof Rice?

Kindra: I love Jollof rice! I took an 8-hour road trip to the Jollof Festival in DC.

Tiffany: How did you meet Bae?

Kindra: I commented on a Jollof Rice Meme on Instagram and Carlyn slid into my DM’s. I  ignored his inbox message. After 2 weeks, I decided to check out his company profile which piqued my interest. After being impressed at his business, I casually responded back. We started off as friends.  After about a month of text, calls & FaceTime, I could tell that he was different from other guys I previously dated.

Carlyn and Kindra

Long-Distance and Dating 

Tiffany:  You are unable to date traditionally, as a result of being in a long-distance relationship. What do you do to ensure that you are still spending quality time with each other?

Kindra: Communication is key. We stay in a space of appreciation and gratitude. Carlyn and I have easy-going personalities with a healthy sense of humor, so we laugh a lot.

We also play games, such as Mentally Stimulate Me is a card game by Derrick Jaxin.  My favorite is the Love Nudge Application. The app helps put your love languages (physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service) into action.

Carlyn and Kindra

Tiffany: How do you deal with different cultures while dating?

Kindra: I think one of the things that connected us is we’re both very curious and respectful of each other’s culture. I appreciate the immense richness of the Ghanaian culture and he takes a lot away from the complex progressiveness of the African American culture. Also, while I’m in Ghana I try my best to pick up as much Twi as possible!

We are more similar than not, we are both professional, ambitious, love music & dancing, are both foodies, family-oriented, and have matching spiritual beliefs.


Beyonce would be proud: He put a ring on it  

Tiffany: When did you fall in love and knew you wanted to be married?

Kindra: After communicating for a month online, I knew I was in love. My love for him was solidified after visiting him for the first time in Ghana. He is an excellent friend, protector, provider, encourages and provides much-needed support. I have complete faith & trust in his decisions and actions. That is security that I think a lot of people take for granted. Did I tell you’ll he was gorgeous?

Carlyn and Kindra

Tiffany: How did he propose?

Kindra: It was very untraditional. He proposed at a night club in Accra. We were dancing on the dance floor and he asked, “Will you marry me”. Of course, I said, “Yes”


Tiffany: When and where will the wedding ceremony be held?

Kindra: We will get married in Ghana in December 2020. Details and exact dates coming soon.

Carlyn and Kindra

Tiffany: Are both of your families in support of the marriage?

Kindra: His mother & father are both awesome and supportive. Carlyn comes from a great family.

My mom has passed away, but I know she would have loved everything about him. Which makes me feel better about the relationship.

However, my dad isn’t so agreeable. I think he is against the idea of me moving to Africa. I was honestly thinking about moving to Accra before I met my fiancé. I had already fallen in love with Ghana, Carlyn was the cherry on top.

Some of my family & friends are supportive but many remain skeptical. While I understand that people may have reservations about my upcoming nuptials, I am very happy and confident in my relationship.

Carlyn and Kindra

Tiffany: Will you be doing a 90-day fiance visa or marriage visa?

Kindra: We will be doing a marriage visa. The whole process freaks me out. We have nothing to hide, but the thought of the paperwork, interrogation, and surveillance triggers my anxiety.

Investing in Ghana

Tiffany: After marriage, where will you reside?

Kindra: We will live in Ghana for a while. We want to make sure our family thrives as he has a great job and a successful company. It is important to both of us that we contribute to the economy and build wealth in Ghana.

I also own several properties in the United States, so we’ll probably be bi-continental within a few years.

Mentor Her Ghana NGO

Tiffany: Please tell me more about your business in Ghana?

Kindra: I have a few ventures, one is with my fiance’s company Vivo Yoghurt. We are currently working with vendors to expand his retail market.

Secondly, I volunteered with a group of girls in Kwahu as a result of a teenage pregnancy epidemic. I created educational workshops and spoke with the girls about various topics. I decided to establish an NGO to make an ongoing impact on the lives of these young ladies.

My nonprofit is called MentorHer Ghana. Our mission: is to guide Ghana’s daughters with support, resources, and creative thinking tactics while cultivating personal & professional skills to advance themselves, their community and the African Diaspora. Please check out my NGO for information on how you can support this program. www.mentorherghana.com



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  1. Wow, such a beautiful story. You just never know where you will find that person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations. Wishing you a lifetime of blessings.

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