Hotels, Resorts or Hostels?? Which do you prefer?

Many people often ask where I stayed while traversing around Thailand. I stayed in three very different types of places in each city. Each place is unique and depends on your comfort level. Before choosing a hotel/hostel/resort I complete extensive research on trip advisor or yelp. This particular website gives honest reviews, rating, and pictures about places to stay and things to do.

In Bangkok, I stayed at Lebua State Tower Hotel located in Silam Road. I booked this hotel for $143.50 per night through great thing about booking through if you receive a point for every night you stay. After 10 days you get one free night.

Lebua State Tower is somewhat famous because Hangover 2 was filmed at the Roof Top Sky Bar. After arriving we were greeted and allowed to check in. Remember that some hotels charge incidentals fee.  It’s better to hold the incidental fee on your credit card because placing it on a debit card will freeze some of your money for about a week. When we walked in our room, we loved the layout. It had a living room, shower and huge bathtub, bedroom and a small balcony with a view of the city.

If you are traveling internationally and have questions prior to coming, you can email them. I was celebrating my 30th birthday and wanted to know if they had any type of birthday celebrations. Fortunately, dessert was waiting for me, when I arrived in my room.




After we settled in we wanted to explore the city. Staff took us to the train station in a tuktuk. The location of the hotel is great because it is near the train station and it is within walking distance. The next morning we woke up and had breakfast (this is not included in your hotel stay). The breakfast buffet was delicious. They had a shelf with various slices of bread, pastries, Thai food, sushi, American breakfast and so much more.

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I also recommend the Sky bar (check the dress code recommendations and reserve a table in the restaurant if you would like to eat). The view from the tower is stunning. If you stay at any hotel, take a dip in the pool and relax on the lounge chair with a nice book.

The next resort I stayed at was the Horizon Village & Resort Chiangmai. It was $47 a night, $167 for a total of 4 nights. When we arrived the grounds were all lit up with Christmas 1 It was approximatelyphoto 2 8:30 pm and we were hungry. We were told that the restaurant was open until 9:00 pm. After settling in we attempted to find dinner but they explained that restaurant closed for the evening. Due to the fact that the resort was a distance from the city and not near any eateries, it is safe to say that my stomach was growling that night. In the morning time, the breakfast buffet was great, but I still think I was salty about not having dinner the night before.

I would describe the room as rustic. If you are afraid of tiny lizards, outside of your room this is not the place for you. In addition, the mosquitoes were really bad in this area, they were both inside and outside the room. They also advertised Wi-Fi services but it never worked. I’m addicted to Facebook so I was really sad to have no Wi-Fi while staying there. If you enjoy scenery, animals and hot balloon rides, this resort is for you. They have hot air balloon rides for approximately $250, I didn’t have the opportunity to ride one but it is on my bucket list. They have a small petting zoo with several animals. Did I mention that the grounds were very pretty? I personally would not go back to the hotel due to the distance of the resort from other attractions, lack of Wi-Fi, mosquitoes and limited time slots for dinner.

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Lastly, I stayed in a FIN Hostel Phuket Kata Beach. It was $14.25 per day, what a steal? Some people are opposed to Hostels because of the movie, lack of privacy or feel like they are too old. I love hostels because they are cheap and you can meet other travelers from around the world.  When I first arrived it was nice and clean. It was a 6 bedroom suite for girls. The first 2 nights I had the entire room to myself, which was great. I almost regretted my decision about staying at the hostel because my room was next to the movie room. In addition, there was a club outside and the music was blasting all night and I heard people arguing in the early wee hours. I’m glad I didn’t change hotel accommodations because the remainder of my stay was quite peaceful.

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They do not sell food at the hostel but you can purchase your own and have access to a small kitchen. In addition, they had several restaurants within walking distance. Interesting set up about the hostel was the bathroom. I walked in and thought, “I see the toilet but I don’t see the shower”. Well, the shower and the toilet in the same location. At first, I was like this is crazy, but then I got used to the setup and there are benefits to having both in the same location.

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I also really enjoyed the staff, they were helpful and I felt like I was part of the family after staying several days. I would be aware of booking a tour with them as I noticed I paid more on my tour than other travelers while on my tour. The other nice part about this place is that the beach was a 10-minute walk from the hostel. Overall I enjoyed this location and would recommend.



I have described several different living situations. I think living arrangements should be chosen based on your preferred living accommodations. I’m personally flexible so I can be in a resort but I’m also open to couch surfing. I would recommend at least trying various styles of living to determine how you like to travel.



  1. I love this Tiffany!! I stayed in a hostel in San Franscio and I hated it! It’s good to know that I can stay in one like yours and it can be awesome!

    Miss you girl!

  2. I am not a hostel person. We stayed in one in Stockholm. It was nice, but l didn’t like the fact that rom service was every 5 days for a private room. I much prefer hotels, Airbnbs and resorts even though yours sounded like it was a nightmare. I hate, hate, hate lizards :-).

    • Wow every 5 days, that is not cool at all. Yes although the resort was nice in theory and the grounds were beautiful, I probably would not stay again. I just recently tried Airbnb and had a great experience.

  3. For me, it depends on where I am and the arrangements. If I am traveling solo internationally, more than likely it’ll be a hostel (sidebar, most of the ones I go to have bars / restaurants in them or nearby). If I am with a friend I will more than likely do an Airbnb, but for some reason, I do hotels the most when I am traveling domestically.

    • See I think we can travel together. I think it depends on what you rather spend your money on and the length of time your staying. If I am abroad and i will be there 2 weeks i need cheap accommodations so my money can stretch. First time doing the Airbnb was great. I normally would do a hotel but now I am seeing cheaper places to stay.

  4. I’ve always been curious about the difference between hotels, hostels & BNB. I’ve only stayed in hotels, but I want to try something else. Especially if there is a cost saving.

  5. I’ve never tried a hostel, and probably never will. If I was young and single, I could see me and my girls doing it;especially if there is money being saved.

  6. I’m usually a hotel or resort type of girl. And AirBnBs when traveling internationally. I’ve been wanting to go to Thailand for a minute, so I appreciated this review of the different options there. Sounds like the hotel would be the way to go for me!

    • I have yet to try in all inclusive resort, I would like to try one on a Caribbean island. Let me know if you have any questions about Thailand. Yes that’s why I did this post to show different options available.

    • Right, that price attracted me. The other 2 places i was able to split the cost. I understand about staying with other folks, you never know what you are going to get. I got lucky this time by having the 6 bed room all to myself for the first two nights. I’m always looking forward to my next vacation. One day I’m going to get a traveling job . LOL

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