I’m FAT and I climbed 740 steps in Guatape, Colombia!

After asking a fellow traveler about things to do in Medellin. She highly suggested that I visit Guatape, a small town on the outskirts of Medellin. Although you can visit Guatape on your own, I chose Toucan Tours because of the cheap price. Round trip tour was only $26 US dollars.


Toucan Cafe and Tours had 2 pickup locations. I quickly became excited when I realized that the pickup location was within walking distance from my Airbnb. At 8 am, I arrived on the bus and we headed to our first destination. We arrived at an open-air cafe for breakfast. Included in the price of the meal was an arepa with cheese on top accompanied by coffee or hot chocolate. I ordered scrambled eggs on the side with my breakfast for an additional $1.50.




Next, we stopped in a small town called Marinilla which is a small part of Antioquia.


I happened to look up and saw a huge tree with an image of Jesus carved inside. I was intrigued as I had never seen anything like it. Its called Nazareno del Yarumo Blanco by Jesús Alberto Arbeláez.


Parroquia la Asuncion-  A church in the middle of the park


The Penol of Guatape

Next, we arrived at El Penol de Guatape. The stone is made of mica, quartz, and feldspar. The rock was worshiped by the indigenous Tahami people.


As our bus rolled closer to the El Penol I became frightened and doubted my ability to actually climb the rock. I told myself you don’t have to climb the rock you could just take pictures from below.

These thoughts were exacerbated in my head due to the message I received via FaceBook messenger from Jehosophat. I had known him for several years but had not spoken with him in over 5 years.

Jehosophat: how are you?
Tiffany: I’m doing ok, haven’t heard from you in years!
Jehosophat: Well you still look the same, FAT 8 years later.
Tiffany: You are dumb, ignorant and you should never talk to women about there weight
Jehosophat: I’m only joking and I’m fat myself.
Tiffany: Yes you are fat, so stop trying to put me down because you are unhappy with your size.
Needless to say, I blocked him. After thinking about the message I was even more determined to climb the steps.

I had to climb 740 steps, yes you read correctly 740.  I only snapped photos every 100 steps but I probably stopped every 15-20 steps.

I’m not going to lie, it was super difficult and often times I wanted to quit and turn around. I kept encouraging myself and prayed to God to give me the strength to keep climbing forward. The great thing was everybody had to stop for breaks along the way so I didn’t feel too bad. As you progress to the top, you begin to see the beautiful view and can enjoy souvenir shopping.


Remember if you go up, you must come down. I had to climb down 740 winding steps and I didn’t take any breaks. Needless to say, my legs felt like jelly and I was never happier to see a chair.


Lunch is served- Chicken, plantain, salad, and rice

We went on a small boat ride, it was cool to be on the actual water that only hours before I could see from above.


On the boat, I met a couple from Cali, Colombia who wanted to practice there English with me. I love traveling solo because allows you to meet new people.


After the boat ride, we had the opportunity to walk around the city to shop for souvenirs. The small town was great because it had colorful paintings on the walls.


I’m so glad I made it to the top, the view at the top was gorgeous. This was not only a physical lesson but a life lesson. We all get discouraged and want to stop but we never know what is waiting for us at the top.  Don’t let anyone discourage from doing things because of how much you weigh. I’m a plus size women who climbed 740 steps, could you have made it to the top?


Yay, I finally made it to the top!


Thanks Toucan Tours! Awesome day in Guatape, Colombia.


When people try to make you feel inferior due to your size. What do you do?? Climb 740 steps! Weight is only a number!


    • Hey Andrea, I love your name because that is my middle name. Yes if you believe you can do it, it will most certainly happen. Please let me know if you have any questions to help you prepare for your upcoming trip.

  1. Yeah girl! Get it! I’m super not in shape myself, but I try to challenge myself physically when I travel too. As much as I HATE climbing steps and mountains and such, it’s usually worth it in the end!

    • I’m so much more active when I’m traveling. Maybe because I know I cant just hop in my car. I think its always great to challenge yourself, you never know what your body can do, if you put your mind to it. I hate climbing stairs but it was so worth it

  2. You did that girl! I know you felt so good after. Love these views and the rest of the pics. Keep climbing. I enjoy seeing you on your travels.

    • Yes, 740 steps are a lot, I think the negative comments and thoughts fueled my drive to make it to the top! I wanted to quit so many tops but thank God, I didn’t give up. I appreciate this comment.

  3. I’ve heard good things about Toucan Tours. I wish I could have done that when I was in Colombia. Awesome job on your accomplishment!!

  4. I’m glad you overcame your fear and climbed those steps. A life lesson we all can take something from looks like you had a great time in Colombia.

  5. Congrats! Climbing such a daunting ascend and making it to the top feels great. I remember how that felt for me in Mexico. I love how you’re enjoying Colombia because I think it’s truly an amazing country!

    • Yes it felt great once I was at the top. I’m sad I didn’t have enough time to climb the pyramids in Mexico City. I must go back to make that climb. Colombia was great, I must return to explore further.

  6. I love that they painted the numbers on the steps so you don’t have to count. Because I’m the type that counts! LMAO The hardest thing I’ve ever had to climb was an actual hill in the caribbean. Stairs are easy since they’re flat. But 740 stairs? LOL I might just climb the hill instead! LOL You go girl!

    • Hey Sanaa, yes I’m glad they had them painted as well. It let me know how close I was to the top. Girl even though the stairs were flat they were tiny and winding, which made it harder. I’m not sure which is worse a hill or the steps. Crazy part is the people who work in the souvenir shops, have to climb those steps every day, now that’s crazy to me. LOL I wouldnt be working there. LOL

  7. Looks like you had a great time! What an amazing accomplishment! Never let anyone underestimate you because of size!

  8. I love Guatape, I was there a couple of weeks ago and also really doubt that I could make it to the top but I’m heavier but I did and I was absolutely fine. Yes I had really shaky legs when I made it back down but so did everyone else. Now I’m thinking about climbing Cotapaxi because why the hell not, curvy or not! #glt

    • Ok, so I thought it was just me about the shaky legs! Guatape was great, i loved the colorful city. Would I go back and climb?? I’m not sure. LOL but it was a great experience. Where is Cotaxpi? Yes why not, I’m sure you will do great 🙂

  9. Wow, what an amazing message you are sending, don’t let others put you down, don’t accept your negative thoughts, feel the fear and do it anyway. I loved this blog well done you! Keep challenging yourself !

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