Keep Calm its your Birthday

Do you live in or visiting Los Angeles? Wondering what to do for your birthday? Take a trip to Catalina Island located in the city of Avalon.

Prior to your birthday you must register at Catalina Island for your free boat ride originally $72 round trip. You can leave from Long Beach (Catalina Express) or Newport Beach (Catalina Flyer).  Before boarding you will receive your round trip pass and birthday ribbon.

Catalina_Express (1)
Catalina Express

Its really cool because if your like me you don’t know who your birthday twin is!? Perhaps you don’t have anybody that wants to go along,  don’t be worried. My mother goes every year by herself and makes friends along the way. If you decide to bring friends or family along to help you celebrate your special day, activities  are discounted or  half off for the second person that comes with you.

Mom hanging out with her Birthday Twins!

Once you get on the island  the birthday person will get the following for free:

*Birthday Bowling is located in the arcade. Bowling balls are cute because they are miniature in size.

*Free meal at Buffalo Nickel- The meal is decent but nothing to write home about. Remember to make sure you call ahead of a time as the shuttle drivers also work in the restaurant.

*Free Scoop of ice cream at Loyd’s Avalon-Doesn’t replace birthday cake but ice cream is the next best thing.

*Catalina Coffee and Cookie Company- Free cup of coffee. I normally only drink coffee when I’m studying for  finals time but who doesn’t love a free cup of coffee?

*Botanical tour at the Descano Gardens- Never visited if you have gone please tell me about your experience.

*Miniature Golf- 19 hole complete with balls, sticks and score cards.

Hanging out on the golf course!


In addition to the free items for your birthday, there are many other activities that you can do while there:

*Catalina Island Tour by van which allows you to see an aerial view of the island,  zip lining and Catalina’s High School.

Picture was taken on the Island Tour

*Catamaran Tour-Good for children but a bit boring for adult as there was not a variety of fishes under sea.

*Enjoy Descanso Beach

*Catch a movie at the theater (usually plays two movies at a time)




  1. That looks like a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday, or any day for that matter! Something to keep in mind for the future.

  2. Beautiful photos! This is a great way to celebrate a birthday. I usually do something low-key, but this is inspiring to start doing something more fun and memorable! Love this!

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