La Habana, Cuba (Part 2)

I was excited when I heard that US citizens could travel to Cuba from the United States. I placed Cuba on my vision board as a destination I wanted to travel too. I made a post and asked who wanted to travel with me? My cousin Shawanna, college friend Maria, previous student Renee and and her sister Michelle booked there tickets to Cuba and the planning process began.

I decided that I would design T-Shirts for us to wear. The front would say “Black Queens Travel the World” and the back would be a travel name that each girl chose for themselves.




We used Eyewitness Cuba to book a Havana City tour. We paid $40 CUC for 5 people and the tour was from 8 am-3:30 pm. Come along as I show you the different places we visited in Havana, Cuba.

Castillo De Morro




Ms. Newbie Traveler, Ms. Wanderlust, Ms. Adventure Planner, Mrs. Travel, Ms. Goes with the flow

I loved the views from Morro Castle, it provided great photo opportunities.




Fusterlandia is located in a small neighborhood called Jaimanitas on the outskirts of Havana. Fusterlandia is named after Jose Rodriguez Fuster who is a local Cuban artist. He used colorful tiles to create beautiful art in the impoverished neighborhood and provided jobs to those in the community. Fuster’s art work can be seen in other parts of the world such as Europe. There is no entrance fee but you can leave a donation or purchase art. Proceeds allow the landmark to stay open.


Maria and I on the bench of Love






Che Guevera





Havana Club








We went to the Havana Club El Ron De Cuba aka Ron Havana Club for a rum factory tour. Havana Club is rum that was created in Cuba in 1934. It is sold globally except for the United States. The tour guide showed the group how rum is made and processed. There are several grades of Havana Club Rum. Unfortunately, I don’t drink so I can not tell you about how it tastes.


Cheers to Cuba
Maria Rum tasting


Sals Amiga All Star




I heard about Sals Amiga Dance Class from a Facebook group called Unlocking the Mystery of Cuba. Sals Amiga All Star is a small studio located in Havana. I love Sals Amiga because they were very professional. Yoanka Valdes the owner responded quickly when making reservations and answering questions. Our group of 4 paid $16 for 2 hours of salsa dance lessons.

I have 2 left feet, so I knew that if they called my name or gently touched my shoulder I was doing the move wrong. The instructors teach you dance moves as a group and then you practice with a partner. While practicing with the dance instructor, he instructed me to close my eyes. I thought to myself I can’t close my eyes because I need to watch your feet. He told me to close my eyes again. I closed my eyes and let him lead. I was forced to allow him to take control and just dance. If you are a woman who likes to take charge, salsa is not the dance for you. Salsa dancing allows the man to lead with the touch of a finger on your back to let you know what is the next dance step. I often would get confused if my partner tried a new move but he told me to continue dancing and it would all work out. It was a great work out and we really enjoyed learning the basics of Salsa.

Although we did not take part, I was told that you could hire Sals Amiga for a night tour at an extra fee. They will go with you to a salsa night club to practice what you have learned during class.




Club 1830

We went to a Salsa Dancing night club called 1830. It is located near the Malecon and the entrance fee is $5.



It is an open air club with a small dance floor, tables in the middle and 2 small bars located on the side and back. We went on Sunday evening and they had several live dancers and singers perform. I enjoyed watching a group dance called Reuda, a synchronized dance where you switch partners while moving in a circle. I love to watch people salsa dance as it is a very sexy but tasteful dance involving you moving hips and feet. I highly recommend 1830 if you want to practice your salsa dancing. Cubans know how to dance but they are patient with you if you’re just learning.

Ladies, if you do not want to check in your purse please leave at home. We had some trouble with this because we didn’t want to leave our money, electronics, passport etc. We had no choice but to check in our belongings with the attendant or we were going to leave. Happy to report all of our personal items were safe after leaving.


El Floridita

El Floridita located in La Habana, Vieja. El Floridita is famous for its Daiquiri and Ernest Hemingway often frequented this establishment. Hemingway is an American, journalist, story writer and novelist. It was really hot in Havana, I enjoyed a virgin daiquiri that helped cool me off during the scorching temperatures.




  1. I’ve been wanting to travel to Cuba for a while now. It seems that you and your friends had an awesome time. Kuddos to you for getting out and exploring other cultures!

  2. Your Cuba post have definitely made me feel like I need to get there asap. Love that you and your friends made this trip happen.

  3. I was hoping to go for NYE but we are on the fence about Cuba or going to Costa Rica but it looks like you had a blast! So jealous

  4. I love the shirts! Cuba is on my bucket list and I’m hoping to make it their next year. Thanks for sharing all of these gorgeous pictures from your trip.

  5. LOVE this, especially the matching t-shirts! I love solo-traveling but every now and then enjoy a good girls trips. Looks like you ladies had a great time!

    • Some people hate matching outfits but I love matching shirts for group trips. I’m the same way, I don’t mind traveling alone but sometimes it is nice to have your girls by your side.

  6. I want to go to Cuba, but I think I need to visit some other Caribbean countries first to build up my courage. I think I watch too much TV and movies and I’m afraid I’ll get stuck in the revolution. LOL Beautiful pictures.

    • Yes, I was like I’ll check in my purse but I’m taking my money, passport, phone ,id etc. with me. but I guess I could ave left it inside my purse but I wanted to be on the safe side.

  7. I love how popular Cuba is becoming. I haven’t made official plans to go but I appreciate all of the blog posts because I feel like I’m going to have a slammin itinerary when I get there. Great idea with the shirts.

    • Yes, I was saying that writing my blog post about popular destinations such as Cuba and Thailand are great because people ask lots of questions and I can just simply provide my blog post link. Thanks, I was so excited for us to wear our shirts.

  8. I love this!!!! You just gave me an idea for my own Girs Trip! Love the shirts! And thanks for sharing photos and info about Cuba!

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