Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Virtual Travel

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Wake me Up: Its a Nightmare

We have all been impacted by this epidemic. I refuse to say the actual word. I reside in California and like many other states have been ordered to stay home. Borders to international countries have been shut down. The government has mandated that we only come out of the house for essential business such as grocery shopping, doctor’s appointment, and employment. I feel bad for those can’t celebrate birthday parties, graduations, weddings, etc. If a psychic had told me that we would have to quarantine in our home, I wouldn’t have believed it. I usually don’t mind staying at home but now that I have been ordered to do so, the rebellious side wants to go out and have fun.

If you know me, my favorite thing to do is to galavant across the world and explore. I’m privileged that I can book a plane ticket to anywhere in the world using my blue passport. Unfortunately, that means nothing right now and I have to stay at home like the rest of the world.

I’m a bit stir crazy and needed a break from the chaos going on around me. As a child do you remember using your imagination? Let’s play a game of Virtual Travel. I have chosen a destination using the letter of my first name.


Virtual Travel

Take Off

I’m going to try something, I have never tried before. I arrive at LAX airport and book my ticket at the counter. Swiss Airlines had the best deal and my round trip ticket was only $700. Of course, my gate would be far away so I sprinted like Jackie Joyner to C45 just in time for boarding. Before I sat down, I made sure I thoroughly wiped down my seat, tray table, tv screen, headrest, and seat buckle. The best part; I had the entire row to myself.


I have never been happier to hear these words from a flight attendant. “We are ready for take-off, please buckle your seat belt and pay attention to the safety briefing”. I never listen to the briefing as I have flown so many times but this time I actually listened. LOL

During my flight, I binged watched Insecure, slept, listened to music, ate and slept some more. Whew, after a 20-hour flight, we have finally made it to my destination. I have now made it to the wonderful country of Tanzania located in East Africa.  I am greeted by the warmth, sounds, and smells of the Motherland.

Mount Kilimanjaro


My first stop is Mount Kilimanjaro to climb one of the tallest mountains in the world. This has been one of the most difficult treks I have ever experienced. Altitude sickness, back pains and shortness of breath have been brutal on my body. Despite the strenuous climb,  I’m happy to share that I have made it to the top and the views were worth it. It was supposed to take 4 days to complete but it took me about 7 days to finish.  Thanks to my wonderful guides for being patient with me.


Feeding Elephants in Thailand

I have never been on a safari. I couldn’t leave Africa without seeing animals that I have only seen on National Geographic. I saw lions, leopards, Cape Buffalo, Rhinoceros, giraffes, and elephants. Can you believe the elephants were so close they had their trunks in our jeep? I was scared but excited at the same time.

7 giraffes at Sandiego Zoo

Remember the scene from Lion King where they had the stampede? It reminded me of the Wildebeast Migration. It was amazing to see the animals migrating. 

Did I mention that I was staying at African Safari Lodge where the animals can roam freely on the property? At night I was serenaded by the sounds of lions roaring and chimpanzees talking to each other.

Petting a Rhino at San Diego zoo



I took a ferry over to the island of Zanzibar. I arrived at Ngwigi Beach to soak up the sun rays, sway in a hammock, and felt the water roll off my bronze skin. I stepped onto the white sand and I was surprised that it felt like soft powder. I ran towards the crystal blue water and was met with warmth from the sun shining brightly in the sky. I took a dive and saw starfish and colorful fishes. I stayed in the water so long that my hands and skin had wrinkles like my 90-year-old grandma.

Beach, palm trees, sunset

Stone Island

I love history and was told I must go to Stone Island to hear about the history of my enslaved ancestors. Although this was not “fun” it was necessary and informative.


Growing up I had a pet turtle and knew I wanted to visit some of the oldest tortoises in the world. I love turtles. Do you like turtles?


Oh did I mention the delicious food? I’m enjoying fresh seafood:  fish, shrimp and a side of ugali. Served with a fresh fruity drink. Do you enjoy fresh-caught seafood?

Shrimp and fish
Photo by Justa @ Curious on Tanzania

Dance the Night Away

black and white

After dinner, I found a lounge that was playing east African musical beats. I’m not a dancer but I danced like I didn’t have a care in the world. As I took a break from dancing I look up and guess who I see?

black man

I’m in awe because I see this fine man that has the following characteristics: Tall, smooth dark skin, white teeth, and a nice body. He had me at “Hello, Can I dance”? I’m a sucker for a strong accent. He took me into his arms and we danced in perfect sync. My hips swayed with the rhythm of the song and the beat of his body.

The night ended with the most passionate kiss: lips intertwined with tongue tap dancing on one another. As he dropped me off at the front door he leaned for the sweetest forehead kiss and off into the night he went.

All good things must come to end and unfortunately, my lovely trip to the continent of Africa is over and I must return home. It was wonderful and I will definitely return to mother Africa to find my African King.

Where are you traveling to next?

Now it is your turn, make up a story of where you are traveling too at this very moment. Let your imagination run wild. Use the templates below to help you write your stories.

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  1. Girl! Thank you for this virtual getaway. My birthday is on Wednesday and I hate that I can’t take the trip that I had planned.

  2. I will remember this as I get bored, especially during the weekends. It helps to dream and plan for the future. I may even let my fingers do the walking and look up some of the places I want to see.

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