Making Lemonade out of Lemons in Trinidad, Cuba

Traveling is great but sometimes your travel plans don’t go as expected. Before each trip, I do extensive research and I confirm reservations and even that does not guarantee that things will go as planned. Whats a girl to do? My only option was to make lemonade from sour lemons. Come along with me as I tell you about my journey to Trinidad, Cuba.

Getting to Trinidad 

While doing research on Cuba, I found a Cuban driver on Facebook that was highly recommended by several people who used his services. I connected with Holbert Cisneros through Facebook Messenger several months prior to arriving in Cuba. He initially quoted me $75 CUC’S for each person. The price included transportation from Varadero to Trinidad and Trinidad to Havana. He agreed to stay and transport us to various destinations in the city of Trinidad for 3 days. During the course of our conversations online, he informed me that he was going to charge me $100 CUC’S per person because gas prices were going up in Venezuela. In my head, I’m thinking what does Venezuela have to do with Cuba. I knew that he was trying to charge us more money but I accepted this price because of great reviews from other people. I was super excited to meet him because not only did we talk prior to coming but he called almost every day to confirm the time he would pick me up while in Cuba.

On Wednesday, I received a call from a guy at my Airbnb saying,” he was outside to take me to Trinidad”. I was confused because I was expecting for Holbert to be outside and not a random taxi driver. I called Holbert and he stated, “he was hit by a car the night before and he had to go to the doctor”.  He sent me a picture of his bandaged hand and foot as proof that he was actually hurt.



The taxi driver drove us to Trinidad with no issues. When arriving at the Casa he requested that we pay him $200 CUC’s. I was visibly upset for several reasons: he charged me $200 CUC’s (over half of the original quoted price) for a one way trip to Trinidad and tour guide services were not included. I believe that Holbert should have completely canceled the entire trip due to his injury or informed that he could only provide one-way transportation for 100 CUC’s.

Taxi Cab

My feelings were really hurt because I thought we had formed some type of partnership/ friendship as we had been communicating for months. I decided to contact Holbert when I arrived back in Havana. He came to the Airbnb and apologized to me and my friends. Although he said, “sorry”, he did not refund any of the money and gave me a box of cigars. I don’t smoke and would have felt better had he took us on a tour while in Havana as compensation or gave us a portion of the money back. While some people have had great experiences with Holbert, unfortunately, this was NOT my particular experience.

How would you feel if your guide over charged you for services that never happened?

Airbnb in Trinidad 

The Airbnb in Trinidad was great and I would highly recommend this location. We paid $108 for a two-night stay. Prior to arriving the Airbnb contact person did not answer email or return calls but Cosme and his wife were terrific hosts. It is to be noted that person on the Airbnb site is usually different from the host at the actual Airbnb. Upon arrival, we were served freshly squeezed juice. The hosts also provide you with a pamphlet of things to do in the city and services you can obtain such as massages, laundry service etc.

Cosme and his wife


Freshly squeezed juice, fruit, cake, and bread



Omelette with tomatoes and cucumber 


We were shown to our rooms which had a twin and a queen bed inside. I loved the shower the best as it had a full shower head with hot water. They also had a fridge with drinks inside for sale. This is great as you don’t see convenience stores selling snacks and drinks.




I loved this shower head!


Cosme was really helpful. Thursday night we decided to go out on the town, he made sure we had a taxi that picked us up from the house and promptly arrived when were ready to go back to the casa. He also found a taxi back to Havana for a cheaper price than what we paid to arrive in Trinidad


Pictures with Cosme and his wife before leaving to Havana


Eating in Trinidad

In Trinidad, we enjoyed a restaurant called San Jose Martin. It was so good and inexpensive that we ate here two days in a row. This was the cheapest meal ($8-12 CUC) we found on the island. The first night I enjoyed the fish of the day with fries, rice, and beans. On the second day, I enjoyed Seafood Paella a rice dish with lobster, fish, shrimp and red bell peppers. I tried the brownie for dessert but it was on the dry side, I prefer my brownies moist and soft.

Plaintains with shrimp and cheese
Fish of  the day with french fries, rice and beans
Seafood Paella
Thin crust Beef, cheese,  & onion Pizza
Brownie, ice cream with chocolate syrup


Hanging out in Trinidad 

Playa del Ancon

During the day we relaxed and went to Playa del Ancon for the day and relaxed at the beach for several hours. We rented a lawn chair for $2 CUC’s. While in the water at the beach felt a slight sting but didn’t know where it came from. I heard that there are jelly fish in the water but I didn’t physically see them.

Chilling on the Beach
How HIGH can you go? #Jumpingforjoy
Selfie Time


We went out to Disco Ayala-( a dance club in a cave). The entrance fee was $5. It’s a little bit of a walk to the entrance on an unlighted path. I must admit we were scared because we had no idea where we going. When entering the cave be prepared for the heat because there are lots of bodies swaying to the music and they have no air conditioning. They played reggae-ton and Spanish hip-hop songs throughout the night.

Inside Disco Ayala

A young guy asked me, “could I dance with his friend?” Apparently, the guy didn’t ask me himself because he could not speak English.  I said, “sure we could dance”. We started dancing (2-stepping) but it was a little awkward because he was super tall and had a beer in his hand. He kept offering me some of his drink. I politely declined. Eventually, he wanted to go to the bar for another beer. We walked over to the bar and he orders a beer but tells me to pay for the drink. I said,” No dinero”. I’m thinking in my head, Why would I pay for your drink? I don’t even drink. Oh, I forgot, he also says that he wanted to have sex with me. I politely declined his second request as well.

Before he asked for a beer and sex #Boybye

This is an example of why I don’t do clubs and they don’t particularly excite me. What happened to being a gentleman? I don’t drink and even If I wanted water he should have offered to pay. Lastly, why would you even fix your mouth to ask me for sex and I have just met you?

After getting away from the guy and exiting the cave, we noticed other Black Americans outside.They asked, “if I was from Nomadness Travel Tribe” and I said, “yes”. We hugged and took pictures.  I love the fact that I can travel anywhere in the world and Tribe is guaranteed to be there as well.

Nomadness Tribe Members in Trinidad, Cuba

Coming out of the cave we had to walk down the same unlighted path. This time we stopped in our tracks to a dark figure. As we got closer we realized it was a horse. Sounds harmless right?! Well, we were scared because we didn’t want the horse to get scared and kick back his hind legs or charge at us in the dark. We waited 15 minutes until a younger guy came walking along the path. He laughed at us and told us “Caballo” (Horse in English). I know it sounds silly but we weren’t trying to get injured by the Caballo in Cuba.

Final Thoughts

Due to the fact that Holbert was hired to be my guide, I didn’t plan activities to do in Trinidad. We went to a couple places but I’m pretty sure we missed out on great activities that Trinidad had to offer. If I returned to Cuba I would go back to Trinidad to see all the things I missed.


  1. This was like a book and I was here for it. So many turns and twists. I was like what’s next. I hate that your driver got hurt. I agree he should’ve done more than said sorry and cigars. The guy in the cave was crazy! It was too cool that you saw people from your travel tribe. This was another great travel post with real experiences and great advice.

    • You know I have to keep my readers on there toes! He was crazy but he was gone be crazy, all by himself! LOL The guide def could have made it better by taking us on a tour but I think he probably was already booked. Hopefully the customers after me were treated better than me! It was great seeing our people traveling the globe! Thanks again for reading, I always look forward to reading your responses!

  2. I had a good laugh at him asking you to buy his beer and the sex part. Truly a mess. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see what had been previously discussed. As you stated sometimes you have to go with the flow, traveling is not always what you thought you had in mind. Glad you all made the best of the situation. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading Daria, appreciate it! Yes he was a hot mess and I was not there for it! LOL “When in Cuba, do as the Cubans do” I know my travels will not always go as planned but I keep it pushing and enjoy the things I can.

  3. I’m glad you had a good time inspite of the drama with the taxi. That’s terrible all of that happened especially the increase in price with less services. A great lesson to share with others considering visiting Cuba.

    • So much drama but that’s the price you pay for traveling! Sometimes everything goes great but on all my trips something’s bound to go wrong(all part of the process) People ask why I blog? My answer is to share experiences. In this case in hopes that people can avoid situations like this.

  4. I’m sorry about the disappointing transportation experience. I have not traveled to Cuba yet but I have heard other people saying that they’ve been scammed by taxi drivers. They would give one price, and then double it at the end of the ride.

    You did your research by finding someone who was highly recommended so I can understand the disappointment. I’m glad you kept your chin up and still had a nice time.

    Honestly, though, I feel like booking a ticket just for the food… scam and all. 😛

    • Yes I believe taxi drivers make it a habit of scamming as part of there business both in Cuba and the rest of the world! lol I had a wonderful time in Cuba despite some of the not so good things that happened! I really enjoyed my food in Cuba.

  5. Wow! Now that was an experience! I would have been pissed about that taxi fee and then ole’ boy at the club. WTH? How long were you all in Cuba?

  6. Wow that’s so crazy about your driver(s)! My friends and I paid way less in Havana and Trinidad, but I know they will try to take advantage and overcharge! Glad you didn’t let that stop you from having a great time!

  7. I would have been super pissed. Especially because the plan had been solid for so long. I would have taken the one time trip and told the other gentlemen no thank you. I don’t have that kind of money.

    Traveling to other areas makes it tough, glad the rest of the vacation was nice though. A box of cigars, boy bye.

    • I was super mad but when I agreed on him taking us, in my head I was thinking that the guide would meet us at a later time! I had no idea that price was for a one way trip! If I knew that I would have declined and our Airbnb host could have found us a cheaper alternative! By the time I figured it out he was dropping us off at our destination! #smh

      You feel my pain #boybye #runmemymoney

  8. Girl reading your story made me mad! I am sorry but you got hustled. Yes because Cuba has opened their doors to Americans they are looking for all types of way to get our money. You went from $75 CUC to $200 CUC…nope nope nope!

    I guess that is just a lesson to always be on alert with your travelings and spending money. People will hustle you because you are American, trust me its like you have a target on your head that says walking ATM. I went to Varadero last year, AMAZING time beautiful beach but yeah my friend and I were very cautious on who we got rides from.

    • Yes I definitely got hustled! Which means it can happen to the seasoned travelers as well! The good thing is this was 200 split 3 ways so we paid about $65 per person but still.. It is very true, they think Americans are rich. Far from Rich but I guess if you compare it to there wages or income we do make much more money! But no I don’t have to just give away! I was cautious as well but we had been communicating for several months I surely thought he was trustworthy! I thought wrong but it’s ok #karmaisreal

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