My Taste Buds are Maturing- Bogota, Colombia


Ever since I’ve taken a cooking class in Thailand, I have made it my goal to try a cooking class in each country that I visit. As a child, I wouldn’t dare try anything that was unfamiliar or looked weird. I’m so excited that as an adult my taste buds are maturing. My tongue likes to be assaulted with new flavors, spices, and various textures.


I found Bogota 5  while perusing the internet, they offered cities but I was excited to see they offered cooking classes and had great reviews. They were very prompt and professional when it came to answering questions and organizing the class. I was paired with Diana and met her at her home. To my surprise I had a young man join the class as well. He is from DC and recently graduated from college. He decided that he would take a trip around the world before starting his career. I was also glad that he was bilingual because he was able to help translate as Ms. Diana spoke little English and I speak only a little Spanish.

Ms. Diana and I 
Chef mate 

Fruit Tasting

Uchuva- is a cape gooseberry and looks like an orange tomato. It is very tart and soft.

Tasting Uchuva- Super tart! 

Banano Bocadillo- It looks like a mini banana. Diana instructed us to roll the Banana and press it between our fingers. It actually made the banana sweet and people use as a sweet treat.


Guayaba Pera- aka Guava. It is in high demand in Colombia as it can be eaten as a fruit or used in juices, sweets, and nectar’s. It is safe to say that I am not a fan of Guava.


Gulupa- aka Purple Passion Fruit. It reminds me of dragon fruit, I can’t describe the taste but I encourage everyone to try it.



Granadilla- is a type of Passion Fruit  I was trying to see if I should slurp the seeds inside or chew them. I came to the conclusion that it was easier to swallow the seeds. It was a weird fruit but didn’t taste bad.

Should  I slurp or chew the seeds? LOL 


I don’t like tomatoes but in guacamole, I don’t mind. Only ingredients you need are avocados, tomatoes, onions, lime juice and salt. Cut up vegetables and mix all ingredients together and season to taste. We ate guacamole with small tiny potatoes.

Cutting up onions and tomatoes for Guacamole


Arepas are very popular in Colombia and can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We mixed and kneaded the dough with water until it was the right consistency. Once you have perfect round edges, they were placed in a skillet with oil. We ate them with shredded chicken and cheese. They remind me of thick tortillas.

Kneading Dough
Almost ready to be placed in the frying pan
Frying Arepas
Read to eat Arepas w/ chicken & cheese


Patacones are known as fried green plantain. The key to great plantain is to step on them to make them flat. I think these were my favorite. Taste like a mix of fries and chips.

Stepping on the Patacone 
Almost ready to be eaten 
Patacone with shredded chicken 

For dessert, I was given a muffin with a candle in honor of my birthday.

Enjoying my muffin with a cup of hot chocolate

Ms. Diana had us put cheese in our hot chocolate. I like cheese and hot chocolate separately but not together. LOL

Overall I enjoyed the class and enjoyed trying and making new foods. These are foods that I can make when I return home back to the USA.


Have you ever tried a cooking class in another city or country? What food from the cooking class would you like to try? Are you open to trying new foods when you travel?



    • I like the Arepas but I think I need to try one with more ingredients on top, as I mainly tasted them with just cheese on top. The fruit tasting was very interesting. Did you visit South America??

  1. Never one to be adventurous with my stomach, I live through my family and their experience as they love trying out new foods from different countries. Maybe, we can incorporate a cooking class in our travels…it may actually get me open to trying new foods.

  2. I never thought about trying a cooking class but that is an excellent idea. When I was younger I was a very picky eater. I’ve come such a long way now. I would enjoy trying some of the local eats.

  3. That’s such a great idea. I want to travel and I love to cook so why not put them both together. Thanks for sharing I will definitely add a cooking class to my to do list on my next trip.

    • Thank you for reading 🙂 Please tell me about your first experience after trying the cooking class. Trust me after your first experience, you will be hooked! I now know how to cook pad thai; a noodle dish that I learned how to make in Thailand!

  4. I love trying different fruits. Some of them remind me of figs, which I like so I will have to get this in mind on my next trip. Uchuva looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

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