Plus Size Fashion in Cuba

Although the fashion plus size world is blowing up in a positive way, I still believe that people have an image in there mind about the way plus size women should dress. As a teenager I was self conscious, I often tried to cover up due to stretch marks on my arms. One day it was super hot and I took off my jacket to cool off. Guess what? Nobody cared about my arms. From that day moving forward,  I decided to be comfortable in my own skin and wore things that complimented my body.

I’m glad that there are clothing stores that cater to plus sizes such as Ashley Stewart, Avenue, Forever 21, Lane Bryant, Rainbow Shop, and Torrid. I frequent these stores often in search of deals, coupons, and sales.

My to do list before each vacation includes a trip to my favorite retail stores. Some people love to shop while on a trip but I prefer to explore, go on excursions and hang out with the locals. In addition, I have visited destination that simply do not have my size unless they are being handmade.

This post discusses my fashion style, the cost of items and the stores I bought them from.

Day Wear 

Posing with an old Chevrolet car at the Havana Forrest


Almendares River/Havana Forest

Dress:  Off-the-shoulder green and pink floral dress was bought at Rainbow Store.

Shoes: Gladiator Sandals were bought at Torrid. I love Torrid shoes because they cater to women who wear larger shoe sizes both in length and width. These is a shoe blessing as some retailers do not go pass a size 10 shoe.

Accessories: Earrings were $1 from my local dollar store.


IMG_0662I created the design and bought t-shirts for $6 and printed at a local swap meet in Inglewood, California for $25 per shirt.


Fusterlandia #Ilovecuba

Skirt: I paired the shirt with a jean skater skirt with criss cross straps in the back from Forever 21. I believe that the skirt is way too short, when the wind blew I accidentally gave a someone a sneak peek of my undies (oopps) .

Shoes: Black and silver t-strapped sandals are from Torrid

Che’s Corner at Fusterlandia (love how I blended in with the colors)
Girls trip to Cuba

Shirts can be worn with jean shorts, skirts or even pants.



Vinales, Cuba

Romper:  I love a good sale. This black and white floral print was bought at Forever 21 for only $12. The material is cotton and was perfect for the 100 degree plus weather. I love this picture because I blend in perfectly with the leaves and trees in the back ground.


Evening Wear


Dress: Forever 21. I was going to wear a black lace romper to dinner but due to the humidity, I decided to wear this sparkly silver dress that was perfect for dinner and the hot weather.



I like the criss cross detail on the back

La Guarida Restaurant
Balcony view

Blouse: Purchased at Rainbow Shops

Skirt: I had my seamstress make this skirt with a sash out of Kente cloth that I purchased from my first trip to Ghana.

Accessories: Burgundy Earrings and hair bow from Forever 21

Shoes: Silver sandals were purchased at Avenue. I loved these shoes because they were comfortable and can be worn with dresses or even jeans.


Swim Wear 

Varedero, Cuba



Bathing Suit: I purchased this gorgeous one piece bathing suit at Forever 21 for $32.90. I loved the bright bold yellow colors with flowers and the detail of the key hole and strap around my neck.

Ancon Beach in Trinidad, Cuba
Trinidad, Cuba

Bathing Suit: Top: ($15.90, bottoms: $17.90) I was attracted to this two- piece bathing suit because of the colors and design. I bought this bathing suit several years ago at Forever 21 for my trip to Thailand. This was my first real bikini and I loved how sexy I felt wearing it.  Initially I was afraid to wear it but by this trip to Cuba, I was completely comfortable. I love it because it shows a little cleavage and a small portion of my stomach. If you are not ready to show off in a 2 piece, you can buy a cover up to wear over your suit.

I brought many more outfits to wear in Cuba but did not have the opportunity to wear them all. I will save them for my next vacation.

Which outfit from the various categories Day wear, Evening Wear & Swim Wear was your favorite?

Are you comfortable in various types of clothing?

Do you prefer to shop before or during your trip?


  1. Love how you styled the pieces. I can tell it represents are. Im a sucker for a good 2 pieces plus size lol. You look amazing. Love.your travel stories!! Im a frequent vistor

    • Thank you so much Ebony, I absolutely look forward to reading your comments. Back in the day it was hard to find a cute 2 piece or they were to expensive. When I shop I look a the price and the outfit has to be flattering for my body shape.

  2. It looks like you had a grand time in Cuba. I believe in wearing what makes you feel good. Someone else can’t determine what that is for you. I love the yellow swimsuit.

  3. Thanks for a lovely post. I have a young family member who is very self conscious about her weight. Although she is learning to take care of her health she will never be “small”. So I wanted to try to help her with styling. I like the black and white romper. It’s so hip and is appropriate for her age. I also like the flowered dress. I’ll be sharing this with her. It’s a great talking point.

    • Thank you so much. Before writing this post I was thinking maybe people would not be interested in a fashion post but this comment assures me that the post was needed. I think its important to embrace who you are or weight until you are able to get to the desired weight. She will def gain some confidence, after trying on outfits that make her feel good about her outward appearance. The romper came from Forever 21 and most young girls love that store. I wish we lived in the same city, I would have loved to have a shopping day with her.

  4. You better work girl! I know you enjoyed this trip. Love your style. As a plus size woman, I need to be more bold in my fashion choices.

    • As a plus size women unfortunately we have to dress nice because people are so stereotypical about who were are and how we dress. I break stereotypical molds all the time as a plus size woman.

  5. Looks like a fun trip! And I totally can relate to feeling a certain way in my younger years to realizing I was creating my own headache and I have now vowed to feel comfortable in the size that I am in!

    • As a children we often are compared to other peers and the media -trying to please others causes us to feel a certain way when we don’t measure up to others standards. The one thing about getting older is certain things just don’t bother you anymore. Glad you are now comfortable in your own skin.

  6. I love your post! Thanks for rocking cute clothes plus size girls will love! I shop at all the stores you mentioned! I love to travel too! Cuba looks like a great place to visit!

    • Thank you so much, you know I had to represent for us plus size girls! Whats your favorite store to shop at? I think I like all the stores I mentioned for different reasons. Cuba was great, you should go if you can.

  7. Oh those swimming suits are fabulous! I also know that the car is not part of the fashion, but that pink is amazing! You looked so great while visiting Cuba, and I just KNOW you had a great time from all those huge smiles on your face in each photo!

    • LOL, the car was great it added to the picture. They have so many old cars in various colors and shapes. I enjoyed riding in them with the roof top, wind blowing in my face. I appreciate that they now have cute flattering swim suits for all sizes. In the past they were frumpy one pieces with no attention to detail.I had a wonderful time in Cuba.

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