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Latrese in love

Tinder and Dating Abroad

We are now in the world of technology which means that we are able to date with the swipe of a button. I’m sure you have heard of the Tinder App, where you can swipe left or right to find a potential partner. Have you ever thought of using the app while you are traveling abroad? Did you know they have a feature where you can find a significant other in another country? I personally think apps are a great way to meet and have fun with people that you may have not normally met. In Spain, I met up with a nice guy from Ghana who was teaching English and taking college courses. It was a great way to see the city, eat Jamaican food, and hear the perspective of an ex-pat living in Madrid.

Do you use or willing to utilize dating apps when galivanting across the world?

Latrese at Lunch

Tiffany: Hey Latrese. Please tell me a little bit more about yourself. 

Latrese: I’m a Real Estate Investor. I also founded a FaceBook group called “Sisters Who Travel and Date”.

During undergrad, I attended an HBCU in Atlanta and I noticed that the guys were not interested. After traveling, I realized what type of guys were attracted to me. I advise women to find the men that are intrigued by them and guarantee that the dating pool will widen. I currently offer relationship counseling and my motto is “Find your audience and get in the room”.

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Tiffany: When and why did you move to Italy?

Latrese: I fell in love with Europe after studying abroad in graduate school. Soon after, I worked in corporate America but eventually left after a couple of years. Once again I started catching flight deals and traveling the world.  Every time I thought about returning back home to Chicago my heart would drop.  I knew at that very moment that I wanted to move out of the USA.

When I visit Italy, I always make new friends and meet different types of male friends.  In 2017, after realizing that Italy was a dog-friendly city, I made the leap and permanently moved.

Latrese in love

Tiffany: How did you meet your boyfriend?

Latrese: Dating is a job that you don’t get paid for. I love dating apps to find potential partners. Men are visual and tinder allows people to see if they are physically attracted to one another.  I met my boyfriend on Tinder after he sent me a message. I believe in men chasing me and that is what he did in order to gain my attention.

Although I am comfortable with using dating apps, many people are not. At the beginning of our relationship, we told his mom that we met at a concert to avoid the stigma around using apps to meet up.

Latrese in love

Tiffany: When did you know you were in love?

Latrese: It wasn’t a eureka moment.  My feelings for him came in waves. During our second date, I became aware that he was invested in my happiness and that he was the kindest man I had ever been with. I fell in love after noticing we were spending all of our time together and I didn’t want that to end. In addition, he and my dog had a wonderful connection which is important to me.

Tiffany: How has your relationship (lows and highs been since you are quarantined for 24 hrs a day).

Latrese: I think a younger version of me would constantly argue with him. The older I get the more I learn how to effectively communicate. He is my best friend. We work well together because we cook, clean, and have real conversations with each other.

Plant house in Rome

Tiffany: What have you learned about yourself and your boyfriend during this time?

Latrese: When communicating, I’ve learned how to first listen and then respond. We want to make each other happy and we do that by providing mutual respect.

Aside from runs to the supermarket, we are home together 24/7. So I was completely surprised when I noticed he had changed his phone wallpaper to this picture of us on our second date. We see each other all day everyday, how could he possibly need to see me more?🤔 I asked him why this is his wallpaper and he said, “Because you’re just so beautiful”.

I am also positive this is the person that I want to be married to. I can’t imagine my life without him and we are very excited about planning a future together. We plan to have a wedding in Italy and will invite our closest friends and family here to celebrate the special day.


Latrese in love

Tiffany: What are your thoughts about interracial dating? Any advice for those who want to date outside their race?

Latrese: We are comfortable with each other as my boyfriend has dated other Black women and I have dated outside my race as well. Due to the fact we were raised in two different worlds, we have more cultural than racial differences. My boyfriend and I both love music, animals, and have a similar outlook on life which is important. People are like puzzle pieces and you shift to make it work. When you’re looking for love you should be open to different possibilities.


Tiffany: Italy has some of the highest cases of coronavirus. What are your thoughts about COVID 19?

Latrese: For sure the virus is scary, but the government has dealt well with attempting to control the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the government hasn’t been great about subsidizing people’s income and that poses a huge problem to the economy.

In the USA, its bonkers to see folks protest about wearing masks, shooting people for asking them to wear masks and running out of toilet paper. Rome did not experience those particular incidents.  The stores never ran out of supplies and people cooperated well with government rules.

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Tiffany: Do you think we should come out of quarantine soon?

Latrese: Rome has tighter restrictions and the numbers are still not as high. We started lockdown on March 9 but have recently ended about a month ago. It is much more strict here. We can only go in a 200 meter (less than 1/4 a mile) radius and fines and police stops are in place for breaking it. It is more like house arrest.

Most places in the world are following a 14-day decrease of COVID 19 before reopening businesses, which the states have not abided by. Although I’m not living in the USA, I do not think that they should come out of quarantine anytime soon.

Rome, Italy

Tiffany: Do you all travel together? If so where have you been and where is your next trip?

Latrese: Yes. Last summer we went to Switzerland, Spain, and several cities in Italy. Last October, we traveled to Chicago where he met most of my family. This year, COVID has derailed plans to travel to the US. We plan to vacation in Spain and visit cities such as Barcelona, Leche, and Madrid.


Latrese and boyfriend

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 when European Borders open, Americans will not be allowed to enter at this time.


  1. Great advice and I love that quote “ find your audience and get in the room” . We’ve got to pay attention to who’s paying attention to us!!

  2. I liked this. I use dating apps as well and believe in being chased! Nothing less than that is acceptable!

  3. Listen “Find your audience and get in the room” is a whole caption. I’m totally turned off to dating right now after an awful experience with a gentleman. Ha! Ironically communication was the key we weren’t using. I’ll try the travel and date thing when mushroom from the CVID-19 bomb leaves the atmosphere.

    • I loved when she made that comment because its so true! I suggest taking a break and heal from that relationship and then go full fledged once covid leaves the world which will hopefully happen really soon.

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