Quarantined in Love: She said, “Yes”

Danielle and Kyle

As women, we dream of meeting our prince charming, a marriage proposal, and our wedding. Most probably have a list of qualifications we look for in a mate and already have our wedding colors picked out. Have you ever been surfing social media and saw beautiful romantic wedding proposals in places like Paris underneath the Eiffel Tower?

What happens if you planned a European trip with your boyfriend but the world is in the midst of a pandemic? Do you cancel your travel plans or pivot and still make it work. Lets read further to see if Danielle and Kyle share a special moment abroad or in the privacy of there own home.


Tiffany: Danielle, I’m very excited to have you apart of the love abroad series. Tell us more about yourself.

Danielle: I am a financially savvy traveler passionate about travel and saving money.

Based in Connecticut, I paid off 63,000 loan debt in 4 years, bought a house at 27 years old, and have traveled to 27 countries all while climbing the corporate ladder.

I have an award-winning blog and podcast called the Thought Card, which discusses affording travel, paying off debt, and building wealth.

Lastly I am the author of several books called Traveling with a Full Time Job  and Affording Travel: Saving Strategies for Financially Savvy Travelers

Tiffany: How did you meet your fiance?

Danielle: Two years ago, I met Kyle on a dating app called Bumble. Unlike other dating apps where both parties can message each other after getting matched, on Bumble, women make the first move. If you don’t message the guy, you may lose the chance to connect with him again. When I saw Kyle’s face pop up on my screen, I knew he was special due to the glow on his face. I sent him a dorky message referencing something in his profile. I prayed that he would respond. The rest is history. 

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Tiffany: When did you know you were in love?

Danielle: After a few dates, I started catching feelings. I wanted us to be exclusive, but I didn’t want to bring it up too soon.  I called my best friend and she encouraged me to ask, “Kyle if he wanted to pursue a relationship”?

 Unfortunately, his response wasn’t what I was hoping for. He made no promises and said he wanted to see how the relationship would progress. After hearing his thoughts I decided to pump my breaks and take things slow. 

Due to Kyle being sick with the flu, we didn’t hang out for a week. Our time apart made him realized that he wanted to be in a steady committed relationship. We said “I love you” for the first time that night. 

Danielle and Kyle Disney's Avatar Flight of Passage

Tiffany: Discuss the highs and lows of your relationship during the quarantine?

Danielle: While most of the world had to stay home, Kyle is an essential worker, he continues to work 5 days a week. We are homebodies, so if we had to stay home with each other every day, it wouldn’t bother us. 

We have Netflix and chill date nights, it’s fun to find new movies to watch. I look forward to Kyles tradition of making us delicious brownies on Sundays. 

 During this time we have gotten into a few misunderstandings but that’s expected of any relationship. Due to the severity of the pandemic, we have both had our gloomy days. 

 We know each other well enough to know when something is bothering us, and we make it a point to cheer each other up. We go for walks with our dog and ditch our phones. This is a great opportunity for us to connect, daydream, debate, and plan for the future.  

Danielle and Kyle in Orlando Florida

Tiffany: What have you learned about yourself and your fiance during this time?

Danielle: During this time, I have learned that cool heads prevail. It’s energetically draining to sweat the small stuff, especially when you’re cooped up in the house with nowhere to go. I’m also learning how important it is in our relationship to address challenges and actively listen to each other. It’s easy to brush things off which can make your partner feel like he/she isn’t being heard. 

Tiffany: Do you think we should come out of quarantine soon?

Danielle: Gradually and safely, I think that we should begin resuming our lives. I’m most excited to visit family, go to the movies, and grab a pint at the local brewery. 

Many cities are starting to open up in phases. It’s hard to predict what will happen, but I anticipate a surge in Covid-19 cases as a result. 

Great Wall of China

Tiffany: Do you all travel together? If so, where have you been and where is your next trip?

Danielle: We travel together as much as possible. Last year we spent 10 days exploring China together. We climbed the Great Wall of China and enjoyed a romantic boat cruise in Shanghai. That was one of the best trips of my entire life. I’m glad we went because we have now ruled out international travel for a while due to Covid-19.

In the USA, we have traveled to Orlando and visited Disney World. This summer we plan to visit Cape Cod (Massachusetts) and Martha’s Vineyard. We are hoping to spend lots of time hiking and kayaking outdoors. 

Danielle and Kyle at universal studios in florida

Tiffany: Congrats on the engagement! How did he propose? 

Danielle:  Originally Kyle was planning to propose in May during our trip to Madrid, but he got impatient and decided to pop the question sooner rather than later.  

We were excited about this trip because this would have been Kyle’s first time in Europe. However, once we realized that COVID-19 was a real threat, we knew that we would have to cancel our trip. 

March 23rd was like any other day for me during self-quarantine. He went downstairs to work out and I was hanging out on the couch. He took a phone call and mentioned that he would step outside for a few minutes. After 30 minutes or so, I started to get worried and jokingly texted him, “Are you okay?”.

I later found out that Kyle had called my mom when he stepped outside of the house. My mom spent the entire time calming him down. He was so nervous about proposing and worried that I wouldn’t say yes (silly goose). 

Soon after he bolted through the door looking nervous and anxious. He grabbed me by the hand, looked me in the eyes and apologized for us missing our trip to Spain. He told me he loved me, didn’t want to spend his life without me, and went down on one knee. 

I was both in shock and total awe. I was going to marry the man of my dreams. With tears streaming down my face, I said, “yes”! We hugged each other tightly for a few minutes and proceeded to call our family and friends to share the good news. 

Despite me wearing quarentine pajamas, it was the most romantic moment we have ever had together as a couple. Although this was not the proposal I was expecting, it was perfect and matches our low-key vibe.  I can’t wait to become Mrs. Corbett! 

Danielle and Kyle in China

Tiffany: What are you most excited about as it relates to planning a wedding and honeymoon plans?

Danielle: We are having a backyard wedding. I am excited about decorating the house and transforming our terrace into a beautiful garden. As an avid traveler, it’s also no surprise that I’m looking forward to planning our honeymoon. We’ve been thinking either Costa Rica or Turk and Caicos, but I wouldn’t be opposed to spending a few weeks in South Korea. 


Tiffany: What are your future goals as a couple/ or individual goals?

Danielle: Once its safe to travel, our first international trip will be to Madrid, Spain.

Within the next 5 years,  Kyle and I both have aspirations to invest in our first rental property together. Lastly, we both want to retire early somewhere in Florida. 





  1. Wow, such a sweet romantic story. I love how they travel and love how he popped the question too. So unexpected and it was perfect. Congratulations to them! 🎉

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