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Most people like to shop, I on the other hand only shop out of necessity. It was suggested by Tower Club of Lebua Hotel concierge, that I should try the floating market. It is a market located on a river, where you can shop till you drop. Concierge informed us that they would arrange a driver that would transport my cousin and me for the day. He spoke little English but he was a great driver. We went to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in ย the city ofย Ratchaburin about an 1 1/2 hours outside of Bangkok. When arriving they sell several packages. I opted to do the shopping boat ride, visit the temple and see animals.


Shopping while riding in a small wooden canoe floating down the river, was an awesome experience. They have several vendors selling items such as clothes, shoes, handmade items, purses, jewelry, and food etc. I wanted to buy pants that had images of elephants printed on them. Unfortunately, they never had my size, they claimed one size fit all but they way my body is shaped, ย I knew they were not going to fit.





Next, we stopped at the temple. People come to pray and give offerings to the Buddha statue. You must take your shoes off. If you do not have sleeves on your outfit, they will provide you with a shawl to cover your arms.


After visiting temple, I decided to watch a monkey show, but I was disappointed at the treatment of the monkeys. They were chained up unless they were performing. The looked as if they were constantly trying to break free from the trains.


If you are in Thailand, visit the floating market, it was nice to be on the river, where it’s calm and the best part I didn’t have to walk around the mall. I shopped from the convenience of a canoe.



  1. Hey Tiffany, thanks for posting and keeping us updated on all your wonderful world traveling experiences and posting amazing pictures for us to see please continue to share and May God continue to cover you with many many blessings

  2. I am a die hard sharper so this is totally my ministry. Shopping from a canoe sounds incredibly dope to me. The monkeys are uber cute, it sucks that they don’t treat them very well.

    • LOL your ministry, I can tell you love to shop. Yes it was really cool, you roll up in your boat at each vendor and let them know what you want to purchase. I know they were cute, I was so disappointed to see them chained up, but glad I went to an elephant sanctuary that cares for animals.

    • That monkey was so unexpected, I was expecting one in my arm, when he put on my head, I was like ok. Just glad I didnt pee on me, they say they could happen as well. LOL. Very cool experience.

  3. Do you often encounter language barriers on your trips to other countries? I want to go to Thailand, but I think I want to go with a friend who knows the native language and customs.

    • For this trip to Thailand, English is widely spoken and i had guides and hotel concierge if they couldn’t speak good English. For example i needed directions on the train, I was able to point on the map and they were able to point me in the right direction. Before you travel just check to see if the English language is widely spoken if not hire a guide or use your phone for translation.

  4. Wow I’ve never heard of a floating market. It sounds like an amazing way to get in some good shopping and enjoy scenery at the same time. Sorry about the treatment of the monkeys though…I wouldn’t like that either.

  5. Everything about this seems so cool. Like you, I only shop when I need to but this is definitely an excuse to go shopping “just because” Seems like it’s sorta a once in a lifetime experience.

  6. How Fun!!! Now this is something I would totally be up for shopping while floating! I probably would fall out from getting exciting and forgetting I was on a boat.

  7. This sounds really fun! Usually I don’t do well with boats but this looks like an experience that I’d want to try.

  8. I have a friend who experienced this. She said the thrill of it was amazing and she enjoyed learning about a new culture along the way.

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