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St. Thomas Virgin Islands 


Have you ever visited the US Virgin Islands? It is comprised of 3 main islands: St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas. Many people do not know that these islands are US territory. As a result, if you are US citizen you do not need a passport or visa to visit.


I  took a day trip from Cruz Bay Harbor on St. John to Red Hook on St. Thomas using the ferry boat. The boat ride takes 20 minutes and a round trip ticket cost approximately $12. After getting off the ferry, I used the Safari, an open-air bus that goes around the island for only $1-2 per person. Many people often wonder what excursions they can do while they are in St. Thomas.

Coral World Ocean Park 

In St. Thomas, I went to Coral World Ocean Park. A park where you can participate in water activities and have cool animal encounters.

If you love birds, you have to visit the Critter Encounter to see the Lorikeets. These birds are a part of the parrot family and their feathers remind you of a beautiful rainbow.


Watch out for the iguanas, they are free to roam around the property. Although the iguanas look scary, they are harmless herbivores.


Don’t forget to check out the Carribean Reef Encounter. Here you will see several types of fishes, stingrays, sponges and living coral.


Sea Trek

Facing your fears


My goal is to jump off the side of a boat and go scuba diving. I bet you may be wondering why I have not accomplished this goal? I can not swim. I know a life vest will keep me afloat, but I am still very afraid of open water.

As a non-swimmer, I try to find activities that will allow me to enjoy the water. I knew that Sea Trek would be the perfect activity. It would allow me to go 20 feet below the ocean floor and explore sea life. I purchased a Sea Trek ticket for $75 and quickly changed into my bathing suit.

After I listened to the safety briefing and signed a liability contract, I became scared. I am grateful for the diving instructors and other group members because they gave me encouragement to get in the water.

I put on my 75-pound helmet and stepped onto the ladder. As I submerged into the water my helmet began to fill up with salty sea water. I instantly knew that something was wrong. I signaled to the diver that I had water in my helmet and he adjusted my shoulder pads to ensure it fit properly.

Although, I was really terrified I knew I had to at least try to go underwater. As I went down, I had to remember to pop my ears to prevent problems with my eardrums. I finally descended the ladder and reached the bottom of the seafloor. The diver took my hand and guided me to the rail for added stability. My main focus was trying to make sure I saw the sea animals without getting water in my helmet. I realized, that I could not bend my face down, I had to turn my entire body around in order to look closely at the fishes.

In order to calm my nerves and enjoy the experience, I gave myself several pep talks and breathed regularly. We walked around the ocean floor, I saw fishes and even a baby octopus.

Adventurous excursions will sometimes take you out of your comfort zone. Although the Sea Trek made me nervous and uncomfortable, I faced my fear of open water. I’m proud of myself!!

I worked up an appetite and went in search of lunch. After asking for recommendations, the manager at Coral World suggested that I order a hamburger and chicken wings on the beach. I politely informed him that I wanted to eat local Caribbean food. I stopped at a small stand that sold fresh grilled seafood. I ordered the catch of the day, cassava, sweet potatoes, and plantains.


After eating, I relaxed at Coki beach which is located within walking distance of Coral World. The beach is my favorite place to unwind. I love the sound of the waves peacefully crashing, the feel of sand between my toes, the sun caressing my face and the opportunity to allow my thoughts to roam freely.

Have you ever been to St. Thomas? If not, hope you will want to visit after reading this post.

What are some of the fears you have faced while traveling? I want to hear your story.


  1. I actually don’t have too many travel fears. I will say every time I’m on a plane, I do think about that poor woman who died going through a Southwest Airlines window.

  2. I love how you’re so adventurous. Keep exploring and stepping out of your comfort zone, you are inspiring.

  3. Scuba diving looks like so much fun! I’m so sad that I still haven’t had a chance to go – so hoping I can when I go to Hawaii!

  4. You know I love a good Caribbean vacation. That looked like a lot of fun. I gotta do one of those underwater excursions. It is like another planet!

  5. Born and raised in St. Thomas. Went back home right after the hurricanes last year. I’m glad you had a great time.

  6. I haven’t been to St. Thomas but it’s on my too do list.. I want to do the underwater snorkeling so bad. I saw your pictures when you first posted them.. looks like an amazing time

  7. Well done sister, Sea trek is on my list, and I am hopping to get it done this coming April in Malaysia. You just gave me a whole lotta encouragement. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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