Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico City

I began emailing a private tour guide to assist with transportation to the Teotihuacan Pyramids located in the State of Mexico. The cost of the tour was $130 USD or $2200 Pesos, in addition to the cost of entrance fees. Scheduled pickup time was 8 am. At 8:30 am the tour guide had not shown up at the Hostel. While emailing him, he had not provided a direct telephone number. I decided to search Tripadvisor for additional information about the tour guide. Someone had written a review and included his telephone number. I crossed my fingers and hoped that the telephone number provided was still working. Jorge answered the phone and stated that he never received a confirmation email but he would see if another guide was available. Although we had a miscommunication, he was able to send another person to take me on the tour. It is to be noted that you can take public transportation to the pyramids for a much cheaper fee. I hired a private tour guide because I had to be at the airport after completing the tour.

Before heading to the pyramids, we stopped to eat breakfast at Burger King. With limited Spanish speaking skills, I ordered a breakfast sandwich. The cashier said “frijoles,” I said “No Papa Fritas” and we both smiled as if we understood each other. Apparently, we did not understand each other very well. After getting in the car, I opened up my croissant ham sandwich and noticed that it had mashed beans on the bread. I love beans but I prefer them on the side and not on a sandwich.


During the hour long car ride he pointed out landmarks such as urban cable cars located in Ecaptepec, colorfully painted houses and we discussed the safety of Mexico city due to increased security and video cameras located throughout the city.


We arrived at the Teotihuacan pyramids aka the place where Gods were created). It is usually a self-guided tour and free for residents on Sunday. My tour guide was a student of the professor Rubén Cabrera, a Mexican archaeologist. As a result, he was able to provide additional information about how the pyramids were reconstructed.


We saw the sun pyramids and the moon pyramids. It takes 240-250 steps to walk to the top of the Sun Pyramid. You have to stand in line at certain sections of the pyramid due to the large crowds and the stairs are fairly tiny. I would suggest making sure to take plenty of water and sunscreen. Unfortunately, I was unable to walk to the top due to time constraints, but I must return to conquer the stairs and see the beautiful views from above.


Lovely Couple from Chicago, who I met at Ranchos Las Cascadas the day before.
Pyramid of the Moon
Pyramid of the Sun





After leaving the pyramids we went to another site. They talked about the Maguey or agave plant. The Maguey plant makes Pulque juice which is a milky colored substance. We were allowed to sample, it wasn’t very tasty but it has great health benefits. In addition, the leaves can be turned into a needle and thread. The plant is turned into thread by tearing the leaves apart and the needle is made from the pointy edge. The flowers are used to make coloring for the quilts that are woven together using a machine.

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Stones & Carvings
Finished Product

Do you make sure that you speak to other people of the same race while traveling? There is a myth that African Americans don’t travel. While at the center I noticed another African American woman on tour. I immediately spoke and we embraced each other like we were old girlfriends. How do others respond when you greet them?



    • Yes, fun times! LOL the side with beans did end up in the garbage. Its funny because I feel like my palette is maturing (as a kid/teenager wouldn’t try new things) but it did not look appealing at all. I probably should have at least taste it but i was like Nah.. lol

  1. It looks like you had a good time. I visited the ruins in Tulum and loved them. I love visiting historical sites when on vacation.

    • Yes you should, its actually peaceful, they have music playing the background and its known as sacred grounds, you should def check it out if you have the chance. I was, I only ate half the sandwich. LOL

  2. This place looks amazing! I can’t wait to finally get to Mexico and see these pyramids in person 🙂 Glad you have a good time.

  3. Love your pictures! I’ve taken Spanish in high school but don’t remember much. I do remember frijoles because I see it a lot on restaurant menus here.

    • Thank you! I’ve taken Spanish in High School and a little in College, I don’t remember anything because it wasn’t conversational it was more about verbs.. I learned a lot while working at Popeye’s in College..

  4. This is amazing!! I love learning about culture! I’ve been to a few of the ruins in Mexico, but I haven’t been to those ones specifically! They look amazing! Next time I go to Mexico I will have to go there!

  5. Totally love this post! You were having so much fun. I love Mexico and even though l haven’t visited in so long, l have very fond memories. Good for you for traveling solo, I did that a lot too when l was younger. Time waits for no one :-).

    • Yes I love traveling with people but even if I can’t I will still go. I didn’t know much about Mexico City but I’m so glad i decided to go. Memories are the best thing I can give to myself.

    • When I seen the beans, I was the WTH is that until I figured out what it was. I love beans but it wasn’t looking to appealing on my breakfast sandwich. I love meeting new people, one of the reasons why I like to visit new places.

  6. I would love to see this pyramids up close and personal. It is so amazing to me how most of these structures were built by hand long before modern technology and are still standing.

  7. I”m so jealous of these photos! I visited mexico a few years back and never got to visit the pyramids like I wanted too due to bad whether and dangerous roads. Hopefully, I make it back soon.

  8. You are so brave. I know I’ve said it before, but you are so brave to travel alone. This looks like a lot of fun and actually a great adventure.

    • Please share with her, tell her I fell in love with her place of birth and I must return. My co-worker is from there and I didnt know before I traveled. She has now told me I can stay with her family if I ever return.

  9. This looked like an amazing trip. I had no idea you could get thread out of an Agave leaf! Real talk tho. The foodie in me would have ate the bean sammich 😀 I’m greedy like that. I would have had to taste it. Now, I’m still wondering how she confused frijoles with papas fritas. Like huh? lol.

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