Who say’s “you can’t wear White after Labor Day”? Diner En Blanc say’s “you can”.

History of Diner En Blanc

Upon returning from being abroad in France, Francois Pasquier returned home to Paris and invited his friends to dinner. In the summer of 1988, they met at Parc de Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne. Mr. Pasquier friends were instructed to wear all white, in order to easily identify one another when arriving at the park. This was the start of something magnificent. Diner en Blanc is now held in over 70 cities and countries including America, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Pacifica and Africa.

My story of Diner En Blanc: Los Angeles


I saw friends post pictures of an all-white party last year on Instagram and Facebook. I was curious about the event and decided I would would attend this year. Unfortunately, the expected date for Diner en Blanc Los Angeles was on the same date that I was going to be out of town. Bad news: I had to cancel my vacation, Good News: I was now able to attend Diner en Blanc. I was going to be able to go the largest all white dinner party. The cool part is that the the secret location would not be revealed until minutes before I arrived.

I placed my name on the wait list and received the email to register several weeks later. As I attempted to register, I kept receiving an error message and was unable to complete the registration. I contacted organizers via social media who informed me that the tickets were sold out. I was devastated and bummed that I could not go. Several days later, someone posted on Facebook that they needed a plus one to attend with them. I immediately contacted them, to claim the extra ticket.  I was super excited but felt overwhelmed due to the preparation needed to attend the event.


When you sign up to register you are allowed to pick your location and team leader. Due to my partner registering in advance, I was provided with designated location and team leader. On 11/4/16, I arrived in Downtown LA at City Hall. It was a little frustrating because there is minimal parking in DTLA. I eventually found a parking lot near the location but had to call an LYFT driver because I was unable to carry all my items (table decorations, food, and chairs) to the meeting location. After arriving I was able to have my partner carry the chairs and I continued carrying the rest of the items. We had to walk several blocks up a hill to our secret location, which turned out to be the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Center. Other locations such as Lankershim and Redondo Beach were bused to the Pavilion Center. I think I would have preferred to take a bus to the secret location instead of walking up a hill with sweat forming on my forehead and under my armpits.

After arriving my partner and I set up the table and decorations in a row in accordance with our table leader and group.

Table Setting

Shortly after setting up, you are allowed to eat, drink and be merry. While conversation is flowing and dinner is being eaten, soft music is being played in the background.

Steak and rice from La Nueva Flor Blanca
Strawberry Shortcake

I enjoyed meeting my partner who is a part of my travel group but whom I have never met before. We were great at communicating prior to the event and conservation flowed easily throughout the night. I definitely think we will remain in touch and see each other at various local events.

Partner in Crime for the evening




I also sat next to an old high school classmate. Although she didn’t remember me, we were able to reminisce about high school and realized we indeed have mutual friends on Facebook.

King/Drew Medical Magnet High School


Entertainment included acrobats, performers on stilts, and a photo booth. Soon after dinner is finished, the DJ cranks up the music and everybody goes to the dance floor.


Cha Cha Slide

Being prepared to attend Diner en Blanc

  • Pay- $37 for ticket and $8 for membership fee (Please sign up now, https://www.dinerenblanc.info if you are interested in attending next year)
  • Purchase- a white table, chairs, linen and table decorations (My partner purchased a collapsible table from amazon $49. 25 and I borrowed the other items from a friend)
  • Food-Trying to decide what to bring was difficult because I knew that I couldn’t warm the food once arriving. I decided to bring sandwiches, chips, macaroni salad dessert (Strawberries, cake & whip cream). At the last minute, my partner bought El Salvadorian food (Steak, rice, and salad) which stayed warm and was delicious.
  • Plate and Silverware- Must be real; plastic is not permitted but is to be noted your table will not be checked for real or plastic ware.
  • Outfit- It is difficult to find white after Labor Day. I found a couple of white outfits but didn’t like the way they fit. I decided to wear a white dress I had in my closet. You must wear head to toe white but you can accent with silver or gold. Be elaborate as possible with head pieces or accessories.

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  • I recommend bringing a wagon or dolly to carry your items in case you have to carry them to the secret location.

In preparation for next year, I would bring fewer items, try to invite more people and bring something to carry my items in. Despite all the preparation to attend the event, I will be back next year.  The ambiance, food, entertainment, and people having a great time made the event a fun and successful evening. Don’t forget to check out Diner en Blanc 2017 in your local city!

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    • Thanks so much Tanya, appreciate it! This was in Los Angeles, but i would love to experience Diner en Blanc in another country especially Paris where it originated at. I need to research on who invented this crazy rule about Labor Day..

  1. You look so pretty and it looks like you had an amazing time. I have always wanted to attend but it seems like so much work. Oh, and white can be worn all year, honey. We don’t subscribe to that anymore. LOL!

    • LOL its true, I don’t think anybody subscribes to that anymore but I want to know where it originated from. It was a lot of work but if I go this year I know how to do less work to make it easier. You should try it at least once for the experience.

  2. What a lovely idea! Looks like a wonderful event. I live in FL and since its over 75 for most of the year I have no problems wearing white year round 🙂

    • Thank you. I like the idea and concept of the event. The all white dress code, the secret location, bringing your items and entertainment all made me interested in attending. Florida sounds like my type of weather.

  3. Great Event! Everytime I see someone about about this event I hope they eventually bring it to my city!!

  4. This is one event I would love to attend just once. The picture opportunities are amazing. Wear what you want girl. you look great.

    • Thank you so much, Kita, I’m not a big fan of all white because some outfits are not flattering at all. This dress was on sale and fit perfectly. Hopefully, you can go soon, looking forward to your blog on the event.

  5. I have always wanted to do a Diner in Blanc. One year I was going to do it but I got so sick the night before and I missed it. One of these days I will make it.

  6. Hi Tiffany! What an amazing night!! Can I just tell you how much I want to attend an En Blanc party? For years now . . . hopefully I will get a chance sooner rather than later! 🙂

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