Yee Haw; Ranchos Las Cascadas

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I was interested in going horseback riding while on vacation. I decided to look on Trip Advisor and stumbled upon a great review of Ranchos Las Cascadas. I was very intrigued and decided to inquire about further information. The price per night includes lodging, food, drinks, horseback riding and access to amenities such as pool and hot tub.  I decided I wanted to visit the ranch and that is how I begin to plan my trip to Mexico City, Mexico.

The ranch is located in San Franscisco Soyaniquilpan de Juarez, about an hour and a half from the airport. Transport from the airport can be arranged at an additional fee. I finally arrived in Mexico City after an 8-hour delay in Los Angeles. I was exhausted and excited to see the ranch as the photos on their website gave me a glimpse of what I would experience in person. After I arrived, I was introduced to the grounds and given a mini tour of the property.

I’ve never been so happy to see a bed as I had not properly slept in the last 24 hours.


Room kept warm by the fire

Soon after arriving, I prepared to have dinner. I enjoyed dinner because it allows guest to dine with each other. If you are traveling alone it allows you to meet others and if you’re are introvert you will come out of your comfort zone. In addition, I like meeting people from various walks of life. All the guest I met were nice and welcoming.

Fresh Vegetables in the Pantry
Dining Area

We had a delicious 4 course meal.


First course: carrot soup that was pureed and delicious (I don’t have children but I thought this would have been great for a baby who can not eat solid foods)


Appetizer: shrimp, avocados in a spicy sauce accompanied with saltine crackers.


3rd course: Rice with corn, green beans and  pork in sauce.


Dessert: cake sprinkled with powdered sugar.

I saw the Jacuzzi on my mini tour and knew that I wanted to relax after dinner. I grabbed some hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies and headed outside to the hot tub. The Jacuzzi felt wonderful due to the heat and bubbles in contrast to the cold air outside. Did I mention that it was pitch black outside and the only thing I could see is the steam in front of my face? I felt super relaxed in the tub and didn’t want to get out. It was absolutely wonderful and enjoyed myself.

Enjoying Hot Chocolate in the Jacuzzi tub!

View of the Jacuzzi in the daylight!

The next morning, I had breakfast in the common area. In one area was the cold food; dry cereal, yogurt, and fruit. In another area were the hot food; vegetarian & chicken tamales, cheese, ham, and toast. If you have a special request, don’t hesitate to talk to the chefs. For example, eggs were not included with the breakfast but when I requested them they were quickly prepared.

After breakfast, I went on my first horse ride. Although I was afraid, I was very excited to learn how to ride a horse. I was introduced to Calypso and felt very safe while riding. I was instructed to ride the horse like I was driving a car. If you want the horse to stop; pull the reigns, if you want it to go forward; gently kick the horse on the side and if you want to go left or right; pull the reigns in the direction you want to go. I enjoyed the peaceful and serene scenery while riding.

I would advise future riders to stretch before going horseback riding. While I enjoyed, my legs were on fire after a riding. Thank God, the pain only lasted 10-15 minutes! Overall I enjoyed the experience and would ride again in a heartbeat.

Horses, I love the spotted one!


Trying to hop on Calypso
Calypso and I posing for a picture
Travel Buddy enjoying our horse ride
The view was great

I rode with my wrangler who is a volunteer from New York. Her mother brought her to the ranch as a child, and she loved it so much she decided to return to volunteer as an adult. She was great and made sure that we were safe, stopped for breaks when needed, communicated while riding and was very patient with me who is a first-time rider.

img_3729 img_3731 img_3734

Lunch: Zucchini soup, Taquitos with Tomatoes and Broccoli , Warm apples with cherries & garnished with cinnamon.

I love natural waterfalls and was happy to see them at the resort! I hope I can return in the summer time when the temperatures are warm. The cool thing about the waterfalls is you can ride the horses to the falls and go for a swim.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I noticed they offered massage services and I immediately signed up. I got an hour-long Swedish massage. If you are like me and the Swedish message is a little rough make sure you say “suave” in Spanish aka soft in English.


I loved the infinity pool. Although it was too cold to swim, I made sure I snapped several photos in the pool.


Now, that I’ve told you about my weekend at the Ranch, let me take your on a tour of the lovely grounds.

Rooms located near the horse stable
Overflow Claw tub located in the honeymoon suite




Art Work
Sewing Machine used to make fabric
Picnic Area
Trunk with Black & White Photos
Sitting Area
Books in several languages
Lounge Area
Lovely flowers in the Courtyard
Images of Horses located throughout the ranch
Dining Area
Espresso Station
Refrigerator filled with both alcohol, non alcoholic drinks and water
Bar Area
Pool Table

The Staff at Ranchos Las Casacadas were excellent and I was very pleased with the service.

Chefs: the food was delicious
Gracias Jenny !


  1. Everything about this place just looks awesome, including the pool table and the Frida Kahlo portrait. I am positive l would enjoy it. I love horseback riding on trails and l’ve done several. Thanks for sharing this. Very nice post..and the food.. 🙂 😉

    • Thank you so much for reading! They had several Frida Kahlo pictures around the ranch, sad I didn’t actually get to visit her house in Mexico City. I think you would have loved the ranch especially since you like to ride horses, check out this place if you ever visit Mexico City.

  2. Oh my! All of your photographs look so beautiful! I LOVE the decor of the ranch! Your trip sounds and looks amazing. I would have loved the Jacuzzi, too! Great way to relax! I like that the pantry featured fresh produce! And it’s very cool that you were able to mingle with other guests and get to know new people. I would love to visit Ranchos Las Cascadas!

    • Thanks, Can you believe they were taken with my Ipad and Iphone! I loved that they cooked the food daily and used fresh ingredients. I also liked the way it was set up family style during breakfast, lunch and dinner. I enjoy meeting different types of people. Nothing special about the Jacuzzi itself but the atmosphere of being located outside made it so relaxing.

  3. I still have riding a horse on my bucket list. I’ve still not been on one in any capacity. I love the bold colors of ranchos las cascadas. I always adore natural waterfalls as well.

    • I only stayed the weekend, I would have loved to stay longer but i just started a new job. Its def a doable weekend trip but it may make you want to come back. Its $250-300 a night but its inclusive (food, beverages both non and alcoholic drinks, lodging and horseback riding and the staff is really accommodating)

  4. I love this! I’m kinda obsessed with Latin culture so it was a lot of fun to look at all your pictures. I will be in Mexico in January for a quick trip. I love the styles and that food yumm – I hope I have much fun as it looks like you did.

    • I’m excited to explore more of the Latin countries. I would love to go to Columbia and Cuba! What part of Mexico will you be in? Hope you have a blast! Yes I would love to have eaten more food instead of just the resorts but i must return soon.

  5. Photography really brought this to life! I felt like I was there with you. They took great care of you! I’ll have to check this out!!!

  6. Looks like a great weekend getaway! I love the idea of fresh produce in the room, and the resort looks lovely. I’ll have to check this out!

  7. This looks SO relaxing! I’m still trying to figure out why I haven’t made my way to Mexico yet. IT’S SO CLOSE! I’ll be sure to add this place to my list of possibles to stay AND explore, although (don’t laugh) I’m a bit afraid of horses because of their super large teeth. It’s SO irrational, and I laugh every time I think about it!

    • Let me tell you, I love reading your responses to the blog post. This is exactly how I ended up in Mexico City my cruise had to be canceled but I still wanted to get away. When looking for cheap tickets, Mexico City popped up. LOL, I know you have to face your fears and ride, just don’t look at the teeth. LOL

  8. Me encanta Mexico! Vivia en Cuernavaca, Morelos. Your pics bring back memories from my time there. I loved living in Mexico. Thanks for sharing your awesome trip!

  9. This ranch looks beautiful! Too bad it was so cloudy. I would have been akk over that pool if I could swim.

  10. I feel like I just got a beautiful tour of a new city. I have never been to Mexico but I definitely need to get there. Love the culture and the beauty you shared.

    • I loved Mexico City and hope to go back to explore the city as I was in the country side. You should definitely take a trip to Mexico they have some gorgeous destinations. Thanks for reading 🙂

  11. I loved Mexico City. I enjoyed it more than Cancun. I would have been in heaven indulging in a hot chocolate in a Jacuzzi. Even though it’s summer I could go for that right now.

  12. The pictures are beautiful and the food looks delicious. The setting just looks very peaceful and very picturesque. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, the ranch was very peaceful and beautiful, I hope to return again in the summer so I can enjoy places like the waterfall and pool area. The was good, thinking about that pumpkin soup now.

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